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Keep to the code!

Here at the Seikens we like to keep a friendly, family orientated discussion board going, and have done so for many years now rather smoothly. We like people to feel welcome and enjoy their stay here, and we're rather laid back when it comes to rules. We would like, however, to outline a few basic pointers which we follow to keep this flow, as well as give you some ideas of what is generally considered to be the norm round here.

We'd love to hear about you, so what better way than to start a thread in Newbies. Let us know who you are, how you came to find us, what you like... as much or as little as you want. You don't have to, of course, we just like to welcome everyone and get to know you.

-New Threads
Starting a thread is an awesome thing to do, and we encourage you to do so, but make sure it's something that people will either be able to discuss or something cool to share with all. If you know something will start a heated argument, best to think twice, or maybe even consult with one of our staff who will be glad to tell you whether it's a good idea, or even how best to approach the subject.

Posts that don't contribute anything significant to a thread are known as spam posts, such as just replying with "うはwwwwww" or "I agree". People love feedback on current discussions, but opening up a thread just to read a new post that says "lmao" isn't cool. Try to add something new with every post. Bumping threads is also unnecessary considering how small of a forum we are. Your posts will not go overlooked.

This is by no means a requirement, but it makes for a better read. If you're using Firefox, why not take the time to install a dictionary so you can spell check your posts as you type them. If you're not using Firefox, give it a try!

As this is a family oriented site, we do not accept aggressive swearing on the message board. Measures have been put in place to avoid this through the use of censorship, however we encourage you to avoid the use of slurs in the first place.

-Caps Lock
Please refrain from writing entirely in capital letters, it looks like you're shouting and hurts to read. Please limit them to their proper use, and/or as a substitute for italics if you prefer writing that way.

If a thread has been left untouched for a long time, best to leave it that way. Of course, if you have some really great info to add to an old post, go ahead, or maybe start a new thread instead and link to the old one.

Rather than posting twice to add on some extra info, you can edit your first post and even highlight that you have added new information. Again, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't double-post under any circumstances, but remember that the option to edit is there.

-Illegal/Explicit material
Do not post links to or discuss(*) any illegal material, either on the public board or via our Private Messaging service. We can't stress this one enough. This includes:
-Roms of Seiken Densetsu and non Seiken Densetsu games
-Licensed Anime Downloads
-MP3 files under Copyright (unless you own the copyright)
-Explicit Material (keep this away from the public board at least)

(*) This is a somewhat grey area... As such, we're not going to get on your case at the first mention of illegal stuff, we just ask that you please, PLEASE, use your common sense when touching this subject, and we trust you to do so. Help us to keep the community legal and out of trouble for your own benefit and that of all users. If in doubt, ask a member of staff.

Everyone's opinion is valid, and we ask that it be respected. It's fine to disagree, but please don't flame or belittle someone for having a different way of thinking, as we will not tolerate personal attacks on other members of the board.

-Avatars and Signatures
Following the general family-orientation of the board, please do not use explicit material in your avatar or signature. We would also request that signatures be kept below 500x150px and total of 3 images, which we think is reasonable. You also have the option to 5 lines of text and a total of 500 characters. Please also keep any advertising in your signature.

Remember kids! Worship Faalstar and all of his awesomeness everyday!

And above all: Enjoy your stay!