2nd class change help??

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2nd class change help??

Post by Badseed »

Im looking to build a duelist,godhand and fenrir knight party.Well i hit 37 and i decided to look for ??? seeds.Got a few seeds and bam, boom got the duelest proof and the gold wolf soul right off the bat and for the third a CRAPPY knightdrgn necklass.ok now i need a Gleipnir for lise!OVER 6 HOURS LATER NOTHING NO Gleipnir.I was at the beginning of lvl 40 and didnt want to lvl up lise any more than i needed to so i would look for seeds and when i was about ready to lvl to 41 id plant them and id get the same... tons of knightdrgn necklaces and silver wolf souls in the same order.Id then reset and look for fresh seeds from new monsters and still the SAME crap(silver souls and the horrid knightdrgn necklass!!!Reset look for fresh seeds still the same SAME SAME SAME.how is this possible i am finding new seeds off new monsters!!!?!?!?!Now im not finding them then saving then planting and reloading and replanting the same seeds.Im reseting my console finding new seeds from new fresh monsters and planting and still the SAME,tons of silver souls and the craptastic knightdrgn necklass.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on you squaresoft,this has to be the crappiest game mechanics and RNG ever!!Anyone have any ideas?ive gotten seeds from illusion forest and glass desert areas(duran party) and its still the same crap in the same order!!?!?!?????BOOOOO on you squaresoft BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x(
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Re: 2nd class change help??

Post by Dr. Sheexy »

Sorry man, maybe someone else can tell you a tip but as far as I know it's just the random number god being a jerk.

A few things I read said try with different characters in the lead, try different inns etc. but I dunno if that actually matters.
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Re: 2nd class change help??

Post by hawklise33 »

i got the night-eye die alot of times and not getting the different items for each characters. well, i got it fixed anyway.
for me, i suppose u can reset the game and hopefully that would help
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Re: 2nd class change help??

Post by Kassidy »

Gather a whole bunch of seeds, go to an inn, save your game.
Leave the town, get into a fight with any monster, defeat, go back to the town.
Plant the seeds.
If you don't get the item/items you want, reset, load the game again from the save point you created before leaving the town to fight the monster, try again.

The fight between loading and planting shifts the random number generator (since it is used to determine actions and such in the battle), as far as I can tell.

See if that helps.
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Re: 2nd class change help??

Post by Trang »

Just one little tip, your characters are going to be worse then they would normally (class-changing at level 38) if they do it at level 41... Because when you class-change the stats evolve to a base value for the class... So if you do at 38 or 41 both are going to have same stats.
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