Who is the strongest endboss in SD 3?

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Who is the strongest endboss in SD 3?

Post by Mispolm »

So, I am gonna play again Seiken Densetsu 3 after a while. And I would like to know which Endboss is the hardest. I already know that Dark Lich is the weakest, so who is stronger? Archdemon or Dragon Emperor?
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Re: Who is the strongest endboss in SD 3?

Post by nick912012 »

I've always heard Arch Demon was the strongest, but I've never really had a problem with either of them. I level grind a lot in RPGs, so they're generally not too much of a problem. I'm not too much of an expert in SD3 as I am with some of the other Mana games but that's what I've heard.

If you go anything but Dragon Emperor, however, you cannot fight the Black Rabite. So if you're looking for a challenge, it might be better if you take Duran/Angela's path just to fight him.
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Re: Who is the strongest endboss in SD 3?

Post by Abdul_Moti »

Among endbosses, Dragon Emperor can deform heroes to Moogles (never tried against Dark Lich). I had hard time defeating with him since I couldn't make the most of my team back then (Swordmaster Duran - Magus Angela - Bishop Charlotte) thus I was out of puipui grasses because of it. -_-;

As for Archdemon, I didn't give much attention since my team (Star Lancer Riesz - Warrior Monk Kevin - Grand Divina Angela) fits my battle style so it died fast. ^-^;
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