So I found this...

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So I found this...

Post by Zerrin »

It's nice that you're keeping up with the trends, and I'm a big Plusser, but are ya actually planning on doing anything with this?

In any case, I've added it, Wai, Weldon, and Kassidy to my circles.

EDIT: Just to be sure whether or not you actually maintain your pages, I'll be sharing my latest discovery with you on Google+ exclusively! (Or, at least, timed-exclusively...)
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Re: So I found this...

Post by Duran »

After remembering I had a G+, I decided to follow the group.
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Re: So I found this...

Post by Dr. Sheexy »

Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on with the G+ or Facebook Seikens stuff. Kassidy set those up.
Anyway I guess I'm in it and stuff, the G+ anyway I don't have a facebook. Sheexy = Weldon.

Been really busy with school so I have really neglected the site as of late. Feel really bad, but school is pretty important, especially when I'm doing both teaching and learning. XD
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Re: So I found this...

Post by Abdul_Moti »

reminds me of the site gallery.
perhaps we can.. 'move' our gallery there.
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Re: So I found this...

Post by Khyron »

So basically I'm hopeless but I've looked for a Seikens site on FB and have not found one. If there is one would someone be able to paste a link here?
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Re: So I found this...

Post by Kassidy »

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