Secret of Mana - Seiken Densetsu 2

In this subforum you can find answers to all of the most common questions regarding the games.
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Secret of Mana is the second game in the Seiken Densetsu series.

We have a comprehensive section for Secret of Mana on our main site! There you can find Item, Armor, Weapon and Magic lists as well as a character and walkthrough page.

Common Problems:

What do I do in the Great Forest?
First of all, make sure you have returned the Moogles to their village. To do this you must FIRST talk to a Moogle in the Winter scene and THEN go to their village in the North-West corner of the Summer scene.
After freeing the village talk to the Moogles again. The Sprite will remember "Walk the seasons Spring to Winter and Spring again".
All you have to do is go from the Spring scene to the Summer to the Fall to the Winter and then back to Spring! A new exit will open up in the North-East corner of the Spring Scene.

I am stuck in the Fire Palace, what do I do to this orb?
You aren't actually supposed to be there yet. To kill that orb you need Fire Magic. Head over to the Ice Country instead.
After you get Salamando go ahead and continue to explore the Ice Country past the Scorpion Army's village. You need to get the Fire Seed from Santa.
You can only complete the Fire Palace with Salamando's Magic AND the Fire Seed.

What does this guy in Southtown want?
Talk to Mara in the house on the West side of Southtown. She will tell you the secret password he needs. The password is "6 3 4".

How do I get into the Light Palace?
From the palace doors exit South. See the stairs to the West of you? Climb them and follow them all the way around until you find an old man. Talk to him and he will mention a Tasnican Spy who stole the key... Remember Mara? Her husband was a Tasnican spy! Go visit her in Southtown to get the key!

What is with these colors on the wall in the Underground City?
One of the resistance fighters should have told you about them.
Press them in this order: RED BLUE YELLOW GREEN to continue.

If you still need help after checking our main site and reading this then ask in this forum!
If you want to talk about Secret of Mana go check out our other Seiken Densetsu section and make a thread!