Really really stuck on the ghost ship.

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Really really stuck on the ghost ship.

Post by Azeluk »

Ok I think I've made a mistake, I'm on the ghost ship hawk is a ghost and Duran and Angela are both lvl 12 the issue I have is i have NO HEALS and NO LIGHT COINS, I can get to the boss but most of Duran and Angelas hp and mp is gone, I'm really really stuck if I go back to an earlier save I lose 2 and a half hours game time.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Really really stuck on the ghost ship.

Post by Tyrfillich »

Oh man, that sucks. The problem here is you're underleveled but that's okay; Ghost Ship is a bit tough at first but can be a good place to grind as you can hit up the Sleeping Quarters as many times as you want. Secondly, if you've allowed Hawk to become a ghost you're pretty close to the end of the dungeon, so stronger enemies.

Here's what you do: grind like a madman. Hit up the Sleeping Quarters to heal up, clear a room or two and then head back and heal again. Rinse and repeat until Angela and Duran are both at least Lv15 (or if you're dedicated, push for Lv18 and you can go get your first class change once you're off the ship!). Assuming that you're using Angela as a Mage an Duran as a tank, focus your stat points on Wisdom and Attack respectively, and those two will rip through the baddies like soggy cardboard.

Now, tackling Gorva. His Physical defense is pretty decent so even with the grinding you've just done it'll be tricky. My advice is to play as Duran, and when Gorva is down low on the deck keep smacking him up close to draw him away from Angela, who should be abusing him with Wisp from afar. Also keep into account that grinding = GP, and the merchant on the ghost ship will allow you to stock up on Puipui Grass to deal with Gorva Silencing you. You'll be off that ship in no time!

TL;DR - level up a little, then grab Wisp and slap Gorva around the face and shoulders with him.
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Re: Really really stuck on the ghost ship.

Post by Dr. Sheexy »

The exact same thing happened to me the first time I played through.
Seems to me the ghost ship might be the "Spikey Tiger" moment of SD3.

Anyway, the tips posted above are the way to go, just gonna have to grind it out a bit unfortunately.
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