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Children of Mana is the first game to be released in the new World of Mana series, and also the first game to appear on the Nintendo DS.

It bears little similarity to previous games in that it is more of a dungeon crawler (think Diablo) than an Action RPG. The storyline doesn't feel quite as deep as the previous games either, but there are shimmers of the former games' style in there. Graphically it has quite the feel of Legend of Mana. The ring menus are use quite a lot, but not as much as SoM, and magic is quite similar to Sword of Mana.

The events of Children of Mana occur 10 years after the events of Dawn of Mana.

You can check out a full guide, equipment listing, and detailed information on controls and gameplay in our CoM section here:

Some more frequently asked questions and queries are covered here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to post on this board.

Q. Does this game have Wifi or multiplayer?
A. This game does NOT have Wifi, but does have DS to DS multiplayer to do cooperative play. Each player has to own the game, this is not a download play option. Also multiplayer will allow you to access gems that normal play does not.

Q. Can I delete save-games?
A. No, you can overwrite them with new game data though.

Q. How do I change spirits?
A. Talk either to Tess, or when she is unavailable talk to Nana in the Silver Mermaid (girl in the green dress).

Q. How do I extend my Gem Frame?
A. The Gem Frame starts off as a 2x2 grid, and can be upgraded 3 times during the game.

-1st Upgrade (4x2)
Talk to Balbo of the Bomb Brothers Store after completing Star Lake of Topple.
-2nd Upgrade (cross formation, 2,4,4,2)
Talk to Balbo after finishing Brightwood of Wendal.
-3rd Upgrade (4x4)
After completing the Path of Life, Chat to the Dudbear at Dud Services to access the ubquest that will reward you with the Smelting Rock. Give this to the Bomb Brothers so they can make the final expansion.

Q. How do I open the Haunted House?
A. After Star Lake, go to Moti's house and look for the shining object near the fireplace. Pick it up and take it to Moti. Then use that object to open the door to the Haunted House.

Q. What do the Benevodon sidequests do? How do I access them?
A. To access the benevodons sidequests, you must equip one of the elemental spirits and then Chat to one of their instances in the town (ie. equip Salamando then talk to the Salamando spirit in Moti's house next to the fireplace). They will give you the sidequest and details. After completing all the sidequests, you will be able to access a final area, after you have completed the game, by touching the Mana Stone in the town. This mission takes
place in the Cosmic Rift. The reward at the end of this quest is Mystic Blessing - Restores 6 HP and 6 MP every 3 seconds.

Q. How do I get past the bails of hay/floating blocks/box obstacle in certain areas that follow my movements?
A. There are several ways of doing so. First off, you can bash the heck out of it, though this will take you ages. Secondly you can put an object such as a barrel in its path using the knock-back strike of the sword, the flail, etc. Thirdly, you can use the flail diagonally to pull yourself across just above or just below it. It takes some practice, but the block can't follow you quickly enough when you're pulled by the flail, so you can normally get past it this
Eric has also contributed the possibility of using a focused Fury Sword attack in diagonal to get past them. So give that a go if you don't have a Flail yet or aren't having any luck.

Q. How do I get past the fast-moving quick-sand in Fiery Sands?
A. You can either flail yourself across by diagonally aiming and latching on to a wall, which will work pretty much every time in the subquests but won't get you all the way in the main mission, or you can equip a Virtue of Balance gem to walk on sand and ice normally (check the [GEMS] section with regards to how to obtain said gem).

Q. How do I defeat the boss in Jadd?
A. Use your bow. Now, you may say "but I AM using my bow and I only do 1 damage", which is quite possible. If you're using the default Bow that you receive from Moti you will indeed only do 1 damage. Make sure you equip an Iron Bow, and you'll find that you'll do around the 20 mark at least.

Q. Do the effects of experience gems stack?
A. The effects of EXP boosting gems (such as Heart of Progress and Courage to Learn) accumulate side by side, so if you have two Heart of Progress, you double your EXP, as opposed to them accumulating exponentially, which would give you (100 * 1.5) * 1.5 = 225%

Q. If my game is a different region from the person's whom I wish to multiplay with, will it work?
A. No, it appears that you can only multiplay with people who have the same region game as you.

Q. Where do I get the Ultimate Equipment?
There are a series of weapons, armours and items that can be found at certain points during subquests to certain levels later on in the game, and are the most powerful items in their class. They can be found in small zones that have "Kill a certain enemy" for the Gleamdrop location and have a set of chests.
Please see the Equipment section of our main page for a more detailed listing of these locations.

Q. Is there any point in choosing ? ? ? as a reward for a mission?
A. There is one Yellow Gem, Lore of Artificers, that is ONLY obtainable through this option, and appears randomly. Other than that, no.