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Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana is the second game from Square-Enix's Seiken Densetsu series on the Nintendo DS, and is developed by the company Brownie Brown, partly comprised of several former Square-Enix employees who worked on Seiken Densetsu 3.

The game is set 19 years before the events of Seiken Densetsu 3, a game which was never released outside Japan, although a very complete and excellent fan translation did do the round on the web. As such, there are several characters in HoM that are either related to characters and events in SD3, or who appear as NPCs in the aforementioned predeceasing sequel (anyone else notice that strange tremor in the force?).

The nature of the game is that of a Real Time Strategy game, the same genre as worldwide PC successes Warcraft (the original, not "World of"), Starcraft and Command & Conquer.

Q. Does this game have SD3 included in it?
A. No, it does not. There were several online and magazine articles regarding Heroes of Mana prior to release that included screenshots of Seiken Densetsu 3 that were part of the original press pack provided by Square-Enix. These were included for referential purposes, as the game takes place 19 years before SD3 and many of the characters have some form of relation to events or characters in SD3. The game is NOT however included in Heroes of Mana.

Q. Does this game have Wifi?
A. Yes, but not for multiplayer options. The Wifi functionality allows you to unlock items and free-battles and compare your ranking with other players. The higher your ranking, the better the items that you unlock. Each week a new free-battle option is unlocked. There is multiplayer Versus Battle in the form of DS-to-DS play, and each player MUST own a copy of the game, there is no Download Play option.

Q. I've killed everything in Chapter 3 but the mission won't finish!
A. Your main character, Roget, must reach the gates of the castle (where the Vehicle-type MOB was, for the mission to complete.

Q. I keep attacking the dark mirror at the beginning of Chapter 26 and I can't do any damage to it. What am I doing wrong?
A. There are several mirrors in this level, and each is ONLY susceptible to attacks from a particular type of MOB (main characters, magic, and other MOB types have no effect). The way to determine this type is to observe what type of MOBs it is producing, and apply the weakness rules explained several times during the game. For quick reference, the order of the mirrors will be Heavy, Archer, Air, Light, so create units in the appropriate order (Air, Light, Archer, Heavy).

Q. What is the sword Roget is holding in his hand in the intro FMV?
A. It is the Mana Sword. The design follows that which was designed for SD4 and CoM, and has now become the standard artwork for the Mana Sword.