Whatever Wednesday -- Legend of Mana Easter Eggs

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I seriously wanted to dye some eggs to look like Rabites and other Seiken Densetsu monsters for this update, but two things prevented that:
I don't have a camera.
I ate all the eggs I would have done this to.

So anyways, Legend of Mana has tons of neato little things in it that you really have to pay attention to find. Usually. I don't have my computer right now or I would have screenshots to back these things up, so you'll just have to visit the places on your own. Who knows, maybe you'll find something special?
Also, I'm deliberately leaving some stuff out, so go on a hunt of your own and post your finds here!

Name Generator: Ever mess with the random name generator the game has? Maybe you should! Names like Karl, Duran, Carlie, Vogard (Bogard) and many others pop up all the time! They are all of course names of characters from other Seiken Densetsu games, go see who you can find!

Names of Shops: Lester's Harp is a shop in Geo. The Mummy Seeker, a random supply shop, can be found in the back alleys of Lumina. Marcie the robot is titled "The Mummy Seeker" in the Japanese game. Domina has the pub "Amanda and Barret's," though, I don't know who Barret is...

Little Things: Your character must really like Rabites in LoM. They've got a Rabite banner hanging on the wall of their room, and the door to their water closet has Rabite hinges on it. Your study has a little statue of Jinn on the shelf above it, and the doors have Mad Mallards for doorknobs.
In Mark's shop in Domina you can find tons of stuff! There is a Mushboom and an old style Iffish sitting on the shelves. Also, look at that student there... maybe a student was bad on a field trip and Kathinja took punishment into her own hands...

Geo Palace: Ok, this is the big one. Here is everything that appears. (This list comes from the Ultimania Guide)
Main room: Mana Tree statue. Riesz as a Vanadise. Duran as a Paladin. Hawkeye as a Night Blade. Carlie as a Bishop. Kevin as a Death Hand. Angela as a Magus. There is also a little Goblin statue in the back.
Downstairs: Death Jester is right as you enter. Tropicallo is the most prominent thing on the right side and Flammie is right under him. In the middle of the room behind Diana there is an Undine statue. To the left of it is Jagan. Isabella is next to Gnome and Bon Voyage who are playing above the entrance to the arena. In the top left there is a little Luna statue.

Alright people, what'd you find?
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