Dawn of Mana English gameplay videos

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Game Trailers has uploaded three gameplay videos of the true next sequel of Seiken Densetsu series. One of them is only an intro movie. You actually hear a little voice acting. I can't judge from what I have heard, but to me it sounds like nice voice acting.
The most interesting video is probably the Mountain Pass video, you can see a fight between Eldy and lots of Goblins.

Visit Game Trailers and watch the videos now.
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Post by Kassidy »

The voice-acting isn't too bad. I've certainly heard much worse (believe it!).
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I like the voice acting I've heard so far.

Keldy sounds like an average guy and Ritzia sounds kinda cute.

Faye is kinda... well... I hope she doesn't talk much because that voice would get really annoying after a while.
She kinda reminds me of Navi right now...
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