Seiken Densetsu Babies and SoM Remixes

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Aww! How cute!
Seventy Five
baby Seiken Densetsu monsters found their way into our gallery!

Haha, nah, they aren't babies, but these show you where the Seiken Densetsu series began! Check the Final Fantasy Adventure section for scans of all 75 of the original Seiken Densetsu monster drawings! Scanned straight from my Japanese FFA guide! This whole collection of enemies is ONLY available here at Seikens! I've only seen a partial scan elsewhere and it was of crud quality. This is a Seikens exclusive!

As an added bonus, check out the Bestiary! It has all of these new enemy scans placed in the correct sections. More pictures to make your reading more enjoyable!

I think this more than makes up for last Wednesday's update that I forgot, haha.
Thanks go out to Kassidy for helping me figure out some kinks this update had!

Also, check out the Secret of Mana Remix page. Kassidy nearly died writing all of those summaries! Thanks Kassidy!

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Kassidy should really take it easy once in a while and get some sleep. Speaking of which, I should too! Anyways, nice update with the FFA monsters! Ha, I knew the seikens is the best! Great work Kassidy, now get some rest, you deserved it!^_^
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Exclusive material! Yay!


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