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Post by Anon »

For those of us who have Original Characters in our fanfictions! Or just in our thoughts maybe. Or maybe just some cool class you have in mind! This is the place to post. Its a great way to give a visual representation of your Seiken Densetsu OC!
Heck, even if there character design was heavily influenced by the Mana series!

Here is a basic template of how it should/can be shown! If you don't have stuff like classes and other stuff, no problem, you can just post a picture!

Annon's Classes

Templar LIGHT
Battler Swordmaster
Swordsman DARK
Eclipse Edge

-Fights for himself, and for a full stomach

-Warrior that guards priests. Completely devoted to his faith, and other's well being.

-Seeking the knowledge to fight those stronger. Vengence rings out in his mind.

Guardian(light light)
-To protect everyone. That is his mission in life. A champion to all whom have been wronged.

Hero(light dark)
A glorious, battle tested warrior. His presence inspires others and strikes fear into the hearts of the wicked.

Swordmaster(dark light)
-To learn the blade better than it knows itself. He fights only to better his own skill.

Eclipse Edge(dark dark)
-A master of the moon's light, and power. A might that no good or evil may touch. He remains pure, and unjudging.

Battler Skills
Nothing special. Uses Wide Slash as a tech

Templar Skills
Learns Heal Light, Diamond Saber, and Force Edge(attack buff). Uses Demon Slayer as a tech

Swordsman Skills
Learns Dark Gate, Fire Saber, and Dull Edge(attack down). Uses Cross Buster as a tech

Guardian Skills
Learns Tinkle Rain, Saint Beam, and Leaf Saber. Uses Saint Cross as a tech
Gains a Double Attack on Wisp Days (8% at Full HP, 10% at 70%HP, 25% at Half HP, and 50% at HP Critical)
Saint Cross heals Annon completely on Undine Days.

Hero Skills
Multi Target Heal Light, Learns Exploder, Earthquake, but loses Force Edge. Uses Brave Reaver as a tech(One)
Gains a double attack on Salamando Days (8% at Full HP, 10% at 70%HP, 25% at Half HP, and 50% at HP Critical)
Brave Reaver causes Defense up on Party on Gnome Days

Swordmaster Skills
Gains a double attack on Jin days (8% at Full HP, 10% at 70%HP, 25% at Half HP, and 50% at HP Critical)
Loses Dark Gate, learns all Sabers save Leaf. Uses Zantensuken as a Tech.(One)
Zantensuken kills instantly on Shade Days (999 on Bosses)

Eclipse Edge Skills
Learns Evil Gate and Lunar Buster. Uses Forever Zero as a tech(All)
Hits twice on Luna days (8% at Full HP, 10% at 70%HP, 25% at Half HP, and 50% at HP Critical)
Forever Zero causes Strength Down, Defense Down, and Speed Down on Mana Holyday
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Post by Anon »

Another popular(?) thing to do with OCs is to show some kind of distinct fighting style, or maybe their compatability with the Main Characters of Seiken Densetsu! Here is a basic format of how it should be shown, but you can do it any way you want.


Duran: They see eye to eye on many things, but go about handling them in very different ways. Its easy to see in the way they fight as well, Annon cleverly manipulating his opponents into bad situations, while Duran uses his raw sword skill and power to overwhelm. Annon can also be extremely manipulative, which tends to bother Duran.

Friendship Possibility 4/5 Romantic Possibility(うはwwwwww) 0/5
Enemy Possibility 1/5

Hawk: They both use clever wordplay, and often find eachother pointing out one another's mistakes. Reguardless of whichever wins the battle of words, they usually end up having a good laugh. They manipulate battles in similar ways, though Annon is much more dependent on the Day during the Mana Week.

Friendship Possibility 5/5 Romantic Possibility(i hate to admit it) 1/5
Enemy Possibility 2/5

Angela: While her childish personality bothers some, Annon tolerates it rather well. It bothers Angela that she can't get under his skin as deep as the others. When she attempts to pick on him, its usually replied by "Yes my princess" or "Certainly my princess", in a joking manner of course. But Annon originally intended to sell her out to the Darkshine Knight, wether he still has that on his mind is debatable.

Friendship Possibility 3/5 Romantic Possibility 2/5
Enemy Possibility 3/5

Lise: The air about her triggers Annon to act somewhat differently. The reason remains unknown, but what is certain that Annon is protective of her, and sticks up for her in situations that could cause her resolve to waver. Though he means no offense, holding an amazoness pride, causes her to usually yell at him afterwards.

Friendship Possibility 2/5 Romantic Possibility 4/5
Enemy Possibility 1/5

Kevin: They don't talk much, mostly because Kevin is a Beastman, and Annon is from an area that isn't exactly pro-beastman. But when they do, they usually find eachother relatively interesting.

Friendship Possibility 3/5 Romantic Possibility 0/5
Enemy Possibility 2/5

Carlie: Because of his affinity with the Church, Annon feels the need to protect her. Although see takes very little notice to how closely he guards her.

Friendship Possibility 2/5 Romantic Possibility 0/5
Enemy Possibility 0/5
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Post by Magus_Melchior »

I'd have posted this earlier, but I haven't trolled this part of the forum at all. -_-;

A couple of toss-out ideas for fan games:

Marksman: Skilled in many ranged weapons, this character can usually take down an opponent before it has a chance to reach him. Primary weakness is close combat and strong magic attack, but (if the game supports it) he should be able to interrupt a spell in progress. I cooked this one up primarily because SD3 abandoned the bow, and Square picked it back up for some reason in LoM.

Possible expansion classes include: Forester (befriends monsters and other animals-- if Hawkeye had this ability in his Light classes, it would've balanced the Wanderer, skill-wise, against the Nightblade), Sniper (increased critical hits, stealth, stunning/disabling hits), and Gunner (adds heavy weapons such as gatling guns, howitzers, mortars, and flak guns to his available skills/arsenal).

Inventor: Compensates for his general lack of skill with conventional weapons and magic with an encyclopedic knowledge of science and technology-- think Lucca from Chrono Trigger. Can combine his skills with the other classes to enhance their abilities, and makes chemical and/or energy weapons available for use. He's a natural combination with a Gunner or a magic user, because he can create sentry guns (like the Engineer in the TF series) or magic mines.

Chronomancer: (Name gratuitously lifted from Bard's Tale 3) As the name implies, a master of time. He can bend space-time to his will, causing even the fastest Nightblade to halt in his tracks, or the slowest Paladin to defy physics. In fact, his incredible power is probably one of the forbidden arts in SD3, so this might be a good template for a villain or a tragic NPC. Power trip, and all that. OR, a possible final class for a different universe.

Bard: (Ditto) A medium melee fighter (somewhere around Kevin's speed but with weapons) with a unique power: his voice can inspire, enrage, or invoke other effects that a mage would have difficulty replicating.
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Re: Seikens OC Thread

Post by Anise »

I have two actually :D
Name: Anise Lumeon
sex: Female
Title: Mystic of Wendel
Class: Eclipse Edge
Age: she looks around 15 but is much much older as sprites tend to be. still in sprite child hood all the same.
birth date Year unknown. Was born on Mana Holy day during time of Shade.
Race: Sprite.
Related to :[/b] A cousin of Popoie. Twin sister of my OC Andi Lumeon
Likes:Hawkseye. 4/5. They often fight but are still good friends,
More bout her: She was born a few years after Popoie. One day Popoie and Anise were playing where they shouldn't have been. Luckily they both survived, luckily they escaped the village before it was destroyed. Unluckily they both acquired amnesia in a strange place. For Popoie it was Gaias canal. For Anise it was the upperlands. She was found there by the traveling sales man Neko. Neko took her in as an apprentice sales man. Right now she is in the Wendale Ramtops searching for items to enchant and bring back to her Master.
Name:Andi Lumeon
Sex: Male
Age:He says he is 17 but he is much older
Birth date:He won't tell.
Relates to:Popoie, Elder twin to Anise
Likes: He is dead in love with Lise 5/5. He travels with Hawks and Duran as well and seems to get along with them.
More about him:[/i]A skilled sowrdman who survived the massacre of the Sprite Village. He some how or another ended up with Duran, Hawkseye and Lise. He is a skilled swords man but is quite prone to tripping and is incredibly shy unlike his well spoken and bold sister.
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Re: Seikens OC Thread

Post by Anise »

Also I made some classes and races.

A race that came in view when people of the spite tribe mated with people of the mana tribe. They are a bit taller then sprites and look more human.

A river people much like anthromorpic dolphins. They live in the riveres between matatango and the uperlands.


Mystic: A sales man who is specialized in bespelling items for luck or elements. For a good price he might even use magjiks as great as the high priest. They are good with swords and knifes and tend to wear expensive clothing. (anise for example)

A flashy soilder. They are brave and work as mercenaries. They can use Bows, light swords and spears.
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