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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Collection Complete

April 14th, 2022 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel, Merchandise

I have finally done it!
I have one of every piece of merchandise related to Legend of Mana Card Duel.

Just look at that beautiful collection right there. At least one of all 150 cards and the mysterious turn order card; I still do not know its origin. I have sealed booster packs, sealed starter decks, a plastic wrapped booster box, and I finally got my hands on a box of starter decks. As far as I can tell, the starter boxes were never plastic wrapped but all 12 starters inside are. If there are any other Legend of Mana Card Duel items out there in the world I’ve never seen nor heard of them, so I am calling this 100% complete.

It has been a long time coming. I first bought some of the cards back in 2004, completed my collection of individual cards in 2015 (you can read about that journey here), and finally in 2022 my collection is at a point that I am very satisfied with it.
18 years after I learned about the card game, it’s finally done. Children have become adults in that time (not me apparently).
23 years after the card game’s release, it’s finally done.

Well… I still do want a few more copies of cards like Rosiotti… send me an e-mail if you’re selling.

You can head to the Gallery or to the Starter Deck and Booster Pack pages to check out images of them.


LoM Card Duel Advertisement

March 30th, 2022 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel

Just a neat little thing to show off here. It’s an advertisement found at the end of the September 1999 issue of “Game Gather” a Japanese magazine focused on Magic the Gathering and other card games. The issue is for September, but it would have come out on shelves a month or two before.

The red text on the right side of the ad is noteworthy, as it essentially translates to “Square’s First Entry into Trading Cards,” which I had not really thought about. So yeah, it turns out the first trading card game Square ever released was for the Seiken Densetsu series. Very cool. Now, I’m only talking about the Square side of things here, as Enix launched a Dragon Quest Monsters TCG in April 1999, predating this by a handful of months.

Here is the ad:

Isn’t that fun? I honestly never thought I would get to see something like this, considering how few people know about this game.

This ad is specific to this magazine, as far as I can tell, as it appears on the inside of the back cover using the magazine’s fonts and visuals. Whether the game was advertised anywhere else we may never know, unless I start buying random Japanese magazines from around that time. This issue also has a two-page spread about the TCG that I will post about sometime in the future when I get more time to look at it.

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LoMCD – Rule Book Translation

December 1st, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel, Seikens

I finally got around to finishing my translation of the Rule Book to the LoM TCG.

With full rules, scans, and translations this game is finally fully posted online. There is actually a Japanese site out there with its own rules write-up (text only), but besides two other card listing pages (neither have images, one even gets details wrong) those are the only sites out there about this game besides here.

I tried to document everything I can about this game, so it finally has something comprehensive online about it.

I plan to put together some more pages on the site in the future, including strategy discussion and translation of other materials related to the card game (passages from a book, a few comics).

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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Item Cards

September 8th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel

EDIT: Special thanks to Sevon for helping me get the Item names in line with forged weapons in the game. Check out his nifty Legend of Mana pages (which helped me a lot in this process), as well as his intensely immense SaGa pages!

The Legend of Mana Card Duel section now has all of the Item Cards, which means that all 150 cards in the set have been uploaded and translated!


Items are equipped by Characters in battle to help them square up against Monsters. There is one card for each weapon type, and two of each four instruments resulting in one for each of the eight Elements. As mentioned with the Character cards, there are some limitations as to who can equip what. The abilities offered by Items are all based on Special Techniques and Magic Spells, so that’s pretty neat. I used a mix of PSX and Remaster translations for these, based on what I felt was best.

The 2H Sword and Fire Flute were both “Dragon” weapons, which doesn’t give much hint in Japanese as to their actual material (Scales or Skin) so I just assigned one to each.

All that is really left for the Card Duel section is the Rulebook translation, but I’ve actually got a number of other updates in mind for it. The Rulebook and other content will take a bit of time, but look out for them in the future!

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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Character Cards

August 29th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel, Seikens
Legend of Mana Card Duel Character card back.
Card backing for Character cards.

Inching towards the final big updates to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section, you can now check out the Character Cards!

In the game you have a special deck just for Character cards, so they all have a different backing than the cards in your main deck. You must put 8 Characters into the deck, and you are not allowed any duplicates.

At the start of the game you draw 3 Characters to make a party, and at the beginning of your turn if you have less than 3 Characters in play you replace them from the Character deck. When all 8 are disposed of, you lose the game!

Characters do battle with Monsters, and you use them to keep your Lands clear so you can complete Land Make and win the game.

There are some really interesting choices for “playable” Characters in the card game, so make sure you check them all out! These are the last of the cards with NPCs or Monsters on them. If your favorite NPC or Monster didn’t make the cut here, you’ll just have to wait until Square-Enix decides to make another set… 22 years after the fact.

Only 19 cards left, and they’re all equipment that these Character cards can use. Look forward to it soon!

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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Support Cards

August 22nd, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel, Seikens

For the third of six big updates to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section, we’ve got the Support Cards!

These are essentially spell cards from other card games, and each one has an NPC from Legend of Mana featured on it. Unlike the Artifact/Land Cards or the Monster Cards, which just use the names directly from the games, the Support Cards have some neat flavor to them with titles such as “Sage Tote’s Mediation”, “Professor Mephianse’s Dangerous Experiment”, “Florina’s Teardrop Crystal”, and my personal favorite “Useless Putty”.

You will notice, once again, some faces you might expect to see represented among NPC characters seem to be missing here. They’ll show up as Character cards in the next update!

To represent the “attribute condition” of each card, I made little images using sprites from in-game. I think it came out nice.




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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Monster Cards

August 17th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana Card Duel, Seikens

Here comes the second of six big updates to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section. It’s Monster Cards!

It is quite interesting to see which monsters were chosen, and for which element as well.

I’ve got a brief rundown of the rules for Monster cards on the page, and I’m still working on getting the full rulebook done as well (that’s likely the final of the LoM Card Duel updates). The images I use (such as the one below) to show the parts of cards are actually my updated and translated version of the images from the rulebook.

You’ll also notice that our little buddy the Rabite does not make an appearance on this page. Quite the oversight? Actually, no! Rabites have been promoted to full Character status for this game, so you’ll get to see one when I post all the Character cards. 




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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Artifact and Land Cards

August 5th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana, Legend of Mana Card Duel, Seikens

In the first of six major updates coming to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section, we now have Artifact and Land Cards scanned and translated!

The translations are done by me, and for the flavor text of each card I’m just using the in-game Encyclopedia entries because they are close enough. I may go back in the future and change those up, however.
The page also includes some rudimentary rules and information up top, but there will be a much more fleshed out Rulebook page in the future.

Stay tuned, as in the future I’ll get sections for the rest of the cards added along with those rules!

Special thanks to Deques, for working hard on getting the CSS for the translation info set up how I wanted and putting up with my tiny nitpicks!

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Legend of Mana Card Duel – Starter Decks and Booster Packs

July 8th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana, Legend of Mana Card Duel, Merchandise, Seikens
Legend of Mana Card Duel starter decks and booster packs.
A starter deck and some booster packs.

In the Legend of Mana Card Duel section of the site (It will get its own area on the menu sometime soon) you can now read some information about the methods with which players would get cards.

The Booster Packs page has very little information, because despite owning a number of them I have never opened one and don’t actually know what to expect! I did include some nice images of the sides of a booster pack and a booster pack box.

The Starter Decks page has a ton of information on the other hand. It has some nice images of a starter deck, but also goes way in-depth talking about what comes inside these decks. By watching some old videos of myself opening these, I was able to determine some interesting things: 1) there are at least two types of starter decks and they come with different amounts of certain cards, 2) cards are put into the starter decks in specific orders so it’s easy to know what is coming up next, and 3) there appear to be some cards that will never show up in a starter deck. So, if that is the case, how did I complete my collection without opening booster packs? Well on this page you can follow along and see what cards I got when and how I got them.

Maybe someday in the future I’ll open some booster packs and starter decks and record it, if anyone is interested.

Look forward to more Legend of Mana Card Duel information in the future!

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Legend of Mana Merchandise – LoM Card Duel

June 24th, 2021 | Dr. Sheexy | Filed under Legend of Mana, Legend of Mana Card Duel, Merchandise, Seikens, Seikens Articles

Since making this news post, I have scanned in and translated all the cards.

Head over to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section for more information!

I made a post about this years and years ago now (about 14 actually, where does the time go? link here), so you may have heard of this before.

I am willing to bet, however, a lot of fans of the game still have no idea this ever existed.

Legend of Mana Card Duel holofoil cards.
6 of the 10 holofoil cards.

Legend of Mana Card Duel released in 1999 along with Legend of Mana, and the “Making of Mana” book actually has some comics with characters from Legend of Mana playing with the cards. I’ll have to scan and translate that someday.

Legend of Mana Card Duel Sword of Mana.
Not actually the rarest card.

The entire set consists of 150 different cards, broken into 5 separate types: Lands (27), Monsters (40), Support cards (40), Characters (40), and Items (19). Players would build two decks, the main of which would consist of between 40 and 60 cards, with no more than 4 of each copy. The other type of deck is discussed below. Cards exist in holofoil, rare, uncommon, and common rarities. The holofoils here are unique, in that it’s essentially a separate rarity; there are only 10 possible cards that can be holofoil and they will never not be holofoil. Some of the rare cards are actually much more rare than holofoils. Another painful thing about holofoils, is that they have a lot of factory defects. I counted that around 50% of holofoils have some sort of problem with their cutting.

Lands exist as both an Artifact and the land they represent. A large portion of the game revolves around playing lands in a grid to mimic the land make system. In total, there are 4 lands for fire, water, earth, and wind, there are 2 lands each for wood, metal, light, and dark, and 3 other neutral lands. The breakdown of rarity is 1 holofoil, 5 rare, 9 uncommon, and 12 commons. Although, whether the lands can actually be considered “rare” is debatable (see below).

Legend of Mana Card Duel Monster cards.
Monsters, and the regular back to cards.

Next up are the Monsters, 6 for each of fire, water, earth, and wind, and 4 each for wood, metal, light, and dark. The rarity breakdown by element is seemingly random, with some elements having more rares than others, and elements like water having no rares at all. Each one has a power and toughness level, in addition to some abilities that tend to trigger when they are flipped face up. You see, the monsters are played face down onto the lands and wander around on them, waiting for a group of characters to challenge them to battle. With some smart bluffing, you can catch a character group off guard. The rarity breakdown is 1 holofoil (a Chocobo), 12 rares (all bosses), 13 uncommons (bosses and regular enemies), and 14 commons. The art depicted on the card is typically a bunch of sprites from the game, but all the demi-human monsters have their hand-drawn art displayed.

Legend of Mana Card Duel Support cards.
Support cards.

Support cards are basically “spell” cards from other games. NPCs like Nunuzac may help you summon monsters, while Kathinja Sensei might straight up destroy another character. Here, a variety of NPCs offer their help to you. The NPCs follow the same elemental breakdown of the Monsters, but differ slightly in rarity. The rarity breakdown has 2 holofoils (Treant and a Lilipea), 11 rares, 14 uncommons, and 13 commons.

Character cards are very interesting in this game. They actually have a completely separate back to them compared to all of the other cards, because you would need to create a “Character deck” (of 8 cards) while playing. From this deck, you would create a team of 3 characters who can equip various items (up next) and set out to fight against Monsters on the Lands you have set up. The characters available here are quite interesting, your team could consist of something typical, like the Heroine, Niccolo, and Bud, but you could also have a team of a Rabite, Matilda, and Cap’n Tusk. Different characters have “synchro” effects with others (Skippie and Hamson make a good team for instance), and different rules about what items they can use. Here is where the rarity breakdown gets crazy. In total there are 6 holofoils (Hero, Heroine, Blackpearl, Elazul, Elle, and Sandra), 5 rares, 8 uncommons, and 5 commons.

The final type of cards are the Items. These consist of both Weapons and Magical Instruments. There are 11 weapons (just like in the game) and 8 instruments (1 for each element, 2 of each type). These can be equipped onto a character, and using the Mana that your Lands have created, you can activate different attacks or spells to buff up your characters. The rarity breakdown goes 7 rares, 7 uncommons, and 5 commons (all weapons).

Legend of Mana Card Duel starter decks.
A pile of starter decks I opened.

The cards were available in two different forms: A “Starter Deck” of 60 cards and in your typical “Booster Packs” with 10 cards each. I’ve never actually opened a booster pack, although I own a number of them (and even a sealed booster box with 15 of them stored within). The starter decks aren’t really what they might seem. I opened that pile of them because they actually come with a random assortment of cards… mostly. As far as I can tell (after opening around 15 of them) every starter deck comes with the Male Hero card (making it a very common holofoil), and you seem to have a chance at getting any other card as well. There are quite a few rares I never saw when opening these decks, however, but that could just be due to sample size. The weird thing is, the starter decks come with a lot of rare land cards, to the point that the rare lands are actually more common than a lot of the uncommon ones. The only actual rare land, however, would be the single holofoil land, the Mana Sword/Mana Tree.

For those of you who want to collect the cards, good luck. They’re not that easy to come by, and purchasing singles is definitely not going to happen. There are maybe only two Japanese websites that even mention this card game, one of them is just a list of cards (with a few details wrong) and the other explicitly states the site is not for selling/trading. Typically, only starter decks show up on auction sites, and you could get away with one for about $25 on a good day. Boosters are much more rare, but I’ve paid around $15 for those. You may also find a few random assortments of cards for sale, but they tend to only include a few commons and uncommons, something that would easily be found inside a starter deck.

Legend of Mana Card Duel booster packs.
Let’s crack some packs. Or not. These are remaining sealed.

I actually have a complete set of all 150 cards, and I’m only one card away from having a second complete set (if you have a Rosiotti please let me know/give it to me). I’ve collected these cards since around 2004, and I did not complete my collection until around 2016. Overall, my entire collection is around 1500 individual cards (~680 commons, ~480 uncommons, ~270 rares, ~60 holofoils), a few unopened starter decks, a decent number of unopened boosters, and even a sealed booster box. Based on that sample, I think I have a good idea of what the rare cards are.

Legend of Mana Card Duel mystery card.
The mystery turn-order card.

Rare card seekers should look out for: #28 Hitodama, #34 DuCate, #41 Iron Centaur, #52 Vanadise, #56 Jajara, #68 Putty, #74 Rosiotti, #87 Tote, #96 Olbohn, #118 Elle, #125 Rubens, #126 Tusk, and #138 Spear (of those only Elle is holofoil). Those also happen to be cards I would love to get more duplicates of. I also have one card that I’ve got no idea where it came from. It’s a cheat-sheet for the turn-order of the game, and it has a plain white card back to it, very unprofessional seeming. Whether this came from inside boosters (never opened one) or was available at a release event or some kind of tournament, I’ll maybe never know.

Anyway, that’s my in-depth writeup about this card game that few people actually know about. I wonder how many people have actually played a game with these cards. Were there ever any tournaments back in the day? All my searching online over the years leaves me thinking that we’ll never really know.

If you want more information on the game, as well as the most in-depth and complete card list on the internet, you can check out the new page I created just for this game!

Click here to view the Legend of Mana Card Duel page.

I hope to have add scans and translations for the cards and rules in the future. But seeing as this is the first page added to the website in nearly a decade, don’t be surprised if it takes a good while.