Children of Mana - Characters

Flick / Ferrik

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A fifteen-year-old boy who lost his parents and sister in the great disaster.
Was saved by a knight and has since been training in the arts of sword
“Versatile in offence, defence, and magic. Effective at any distance.”

Tumble / Tamber

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A sixteen-year-old girl who lost her parents and little brother Toby in the
great disaster. She is mature and seeks truth and justice.
“A dancer with magical talents. Though not powerful, her attacks are swift.”

Pop / Poppen

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A fearless nine-year-old boy who lost his mother at birth and was left an
orphan during the great disaster after the death of his father.
“A mage specializing in attack spells. Low defence. Unskilled in close combat.”


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A travelling merchant and member of the Niccolo(U)/Nikita(J) tribe.
“Strong attack and defence. Specializes in close combat. Unskilled in magic.”