Children of Mana - Equipment

You have 4 weapons to choose from, which you gain over the first 4 missions. Each has its own form of attack, focused attack, and focused attack during Fury, and are described in the sections below. Charging a focused attack only takes a second.

Weapons are acquired randomly from enemies as you go along, or from Millionaires store, and you equip your weapon level only in towns, or after every 4 zones within a mission.

Each weapon has a level requirement depending on the character, and you will have to have that level or above in order to equip it.

Note that there are also Gems that will modify the attributes of certain weapons, like allow you to do three consecutive spins with the Flail. These are detailed in the Gems section, although I have mentioned some of the effects in the sections below.

When fully equipped, you’ll have (of which two weapons can be wielded at one time, but switched using the R button during play):
1x Sword
1x Flail
1x Bow
1x Hammer
1x Armor or Robe
1x Accessory

Click on the above links to visit the equipment page for each equipment type.

Note, the appearance of the character’s sprite does not change when equipped with different armour or weapons, aside from the fact that the weapon it is wielding will change depending on what weapon you have selected (Sword, Flail,Bow or Hammer). So any sword you equip, the spite of the sword itself will still be the same. Another difference between this and Secret of Mana.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that you may only carry a certain number of items, after which you will no longer pick up any more of that item. This limit starts out as 8, but can be increased by buying a bigger knapsack (see the Stores section for details). So, if you already have 8 Bronze Swords, and a new one is dropped by an enemy, you won’t be able to pick it up (however, this does not apply if it is another type of sword, unless you have the maximum number of those, and so on and so forth).

The Ultimate Weaponry

There are a series of weapons, armours and items that can be found at certain points during subquests to certain levels later on in the game, and are the most powerful items in their class. They can be found in small zones that have “Kill a certain enemy” for the Gleamdrop location and have a set of chests.


This can be found sometimes in Star Lake, in one of the chests in a small X shaped room that requires you to defeat a furry slug-like creature to obtain the Gleamdrop. The chests are behind some large vines, and can sometimes contain this weapon. The room is the same as the 4th zone when playing through Star Lake’s main quest.


This can be found in the Fiery Sands. The area is a large quicksand pit, pulling sand toward the centre where a large beetle awaits. There are chests on the outer edges of this area, and one of these may contain the weapon. Same as 4th zone of Fiery Sands mission.


This can be found in Lorimar. The area is full of pots, so time to do some “bull in a chine shop” work. There will be a walking armour in the top left hand corner of the level. Same as 4th zone of Lorimar mission.


This can be found in Brightwood. The area is a small one with some enemies in the centre. A bridge must be extended to reach them. One of the chests on the outside area contains the weapon. Same as 4th zone of Brightwood.


This can be found in the Ruins. There will be a lot of plants here to knock down, and you should have some shells to do so with the hammer. The chest is normally in the top left corner of the level. Same as 8th zone of Ruins mission.


Found in a small room with 4 red dragons and some tomatomen in the centre in the Path of Life. Further details need confirming, but I believe this is the 4th zone of the Path of Life mission.

There are also Crystal items, which are the highest non-rare items in their categories, and can be found during the Cosmic Rift levels, or as Dud Services rewards for subquests that take place on this level. They are abundant after completing the game and going back to do a subquest there, in particular under the summoning circles (you can break them with a charged hammer attack). Also note that the crystal armours and robes are actually BETTER than the character unique items.