Children of Mana - Equipment - Armours

Armour, as the term implies, increases your physical defense. There are two types of armour which are Robes (can be equipped by Tumble or Pop) and Armour (can be equipped by Flick or Wanderer). There are also certain ones that are character unique. As with weapons, each has a level requirement.

Name DEF Cost LevelReq
Patchwork Vest 31 Free 1
 A simple vest of leather and cotton. – Your character starts with this item.
Leather armor 34 150L 3
 Armor made of multilayered leather.
Lamellar Armor 41 500L 7
 Metal armor bound by leather laces.
Banded Armor 49 1000L 10
 Armor reinforced by metal strips.
Chain Mail 56 1400L 13
 Armor of interlocking metal hoops.
Scale Mail 63 1800L 16
 Armor of small layered metal plates.
Steel Armor 70 2000L 19
 A simple yet sturdy suit of steel.
Swordman’s Vest 77 2300L 22
 Body armor refined by an alchemist.
Magic Plate 84 2500L 25
 Plated armour strengthened by magic.
Knight’s Armor 91 3200L 28
 Armor worn only by brave knights.
Half-Plate Armor 95 See note 26
 Plate mail tempered by magical fire. – Subquest “Why he disappeared”, Flick Only.
Cloaking Mantle 95 See note 26
 A mantle that obscures the wearer. – Subquest “Why he disappeared”, Wanderer Only.
Dark Armor 98 4000L 31
 Magic armor that emits a black aura.
Winged Armor 110 5000L 36
 Armor adorned with winged shoulders.
Silver Armor 119 6000L 40
 Effective armor made of finest silver.
Gold Armor 125 7500L 45
 Armor that gleams with a holy light.
Mani’s Plate 135 See note 44
 Plated mail strengthened by moonlight. – Subquest “Checkered Past”, Flick Only.
Brigand’s Cloak 135 See note 44
 A mantle worn by an infamous thief. – Subquest “Checkered Past”, Wanderer Only.
Mythril Armor 140 8500L 49
 Armor wrought of magical mythril.
Diamond Armor 152 12500L 54
 Armor crafted from diamonds.
Dragon Armor 161 25000L 60
 Armor wrought of dragon scales.
Elven Plate 157 Ultimate 53
 Plate mail forged by an elven smith. – Flick only.
Vampire’s Cloak 157 Ultimate 53
 A black mantle of antiquity. – Wanderer only.
Crystal Armor 172 See note 66
 Armor imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Ultima Armor 989 Debug only 1
 Debug armor.