Children of Mana - Equipment - Bows and arrows

The Bow is obtained after completing your second mission. Its basic attack allows you to fire two arrows a second more or less at enemies at a distance.
You will be provided with a crosshair to indicate the direction you are aiming, which within a certain distance will lock on to enemies and allow you to bullseye them without having to aim much. This crosshair will also lock on to trap chests. Certain gems will allow you to fire three arrows in different directions at the same time (one forward, one on each diagonal adjacent to it).

The focused attack will pluck the string of the bow as if it were a harp, and send a musical note flying out that dazes the enemies nearby momentarily to get an attack or two in. This attack leaves one very vulnerable to attack, so use it wisely. Certain gems allow for this musical note to have different effects, such as sending the enemies to sleep, thus increasing the time you have to inflict greater damage.

The focused attack during Fury sends several arrows flying outward in different directions with greater damage capabilities. Certain gems increase the level of this attack, and by doing so increase the number of arrows fired up to about 11 (I tried counting them, but couldn’t).

Name ATK Cost LevelReq
      Flick Tumble Pop Wanderer
Short Bow 52 Free 1 1 1 1
 A small bow, light and easy to use
Iron Bow 58 1800L 16 17 18 15
 A thin, versatile bow made of iron.
Steel Bow 63 2000L 22 23 24 21
 A simple yet sturdy bow of steel.
Ankh Bow 69 2300L 25 26 27 24
 A bow shaped like a hieroglyph.
Longbow 72 2500L 27 28 29 26
 A tall bow made for powerful arrows
Marble Bow 78 3200L 30 31 32 29
 A bow delicately chiseled from marble.
Great Bow 83 4000L 33 34 35 32
 A master crafted this bow for accuracy.
Artemis’ Bow 88 See note NA 29 NA NA
 A bow only skilled hunters can use. – Gold Rank reward for Brightwood. Tumble Only.
Winged Bow 92 5000L 38 40 41 36
 A bow hailed as a masterpiece.
Silver Bow 100 6000L 42 44 43 40
 A reliable bow made of finest silver.
Ivory Bow 109 7500L 48 49 50 45
 A beautiful bow carved from ivory.
Elven Bow 112 See note NA 44 NA NA
  A bow once owned by an elven knight. – Reward for Rainbow Garden Subquest, Tumble only.
Mythril Bow 116 8500L 51 53 54 49
 A bow made of magical mythril silver.
Diamond Flail 126 12500L 56 58 59 54
 A bow made of hardest diamonds.
Dragon Bow 133 25000L 60 62 63 58
 A bow formed from a dragon’s scale.
Crystal Bow 139 See note 62 64 65 60
 A bow imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Fabled Bow 147 Ultimate 63 NA NA NA
 A bow used by a legendary master . – Flick only.
Ares’ Bow 147 Ultimate NA 66 NA NA
 A bow engraved with a god’s name. – Tumble only.
Fossil Bow 147 Ultimate NA NA 67 NA
 A bow crafted from an ancient fossil. – Pop only.
Altena Bow 147 Ultimate NA NA NA 62
 A bow made of special Altena alloy. – Wanderer only.
Mystery Bow 160 Deleted 56 62 70 47
 A strange bow of unknown origin.
Ultima Bow 999 Debug only 1 1 1 1
 Debug bow.