Children of Mana - Equipment - Flails

The Flail is gained after completing your first mission. The basic attack for the flail consist of twirling it in a circle around you, and knocking enemies back with it, quite useful if you get surrounded. The number of times you can twirl it round can be increased using certain gems.

The focused attack will throw the flail out in a straight line and allow you to retrieve items that are out of reach, pull enemies toward you, pull you toward walls or heavier enemies or obstacles, and to pull items and enemies out of bushes that are hidden. Certain gems will allow this attack to pierce through enemies, or steal items from them.

The focused attack during Fury causes the flail to be twirled in the same way as a normal attack, but with greater range and a more powerful hit, the flail glowing brightly as you do so. Certain gems increase the level of this, and by doing so increase the number of times the flail is twirled during one attack.

Name ATK Cost LevelReq
      Flick Tumble Pop Wanderer
Light Flail 53 Free 1 1 1 1
 A lightweight flail with a small head
Wood Flail 60 1000L 10 10 11 9
 A flail with a wooden head at the end.
Spiked Flail 68 1400L 15 15 16 14
 A flail dotted with many sharp thorns
Chain Flail 75 1800L 18 19 20 17
 A flail of solid interlocking rings.
Steel Flail 82 2000L 21 22 23 20
 A flail with a steel head at the end.
Ball and Chain 89 2300L 24 25 26 23
 A flail with a metal ball at the end.
Heavy Flail 94 2500L 26 27 28 25
 A flail sporting a heavy metal head.
Morning Star 101 3200L 29 30 31 28
 A unique flail with a star-shaped head.
Bonecrusher 110 4000L 32 33 34 31
 A mighty flail able to penetrate armor.
Scorpion 114 See note NA NA 31 NA
 A flail with a sharp wedged head. – Gold Rank reward for Brightwood. Pop Only.
Runic Flail 120 5000L 37 39 40 35
 A flail engraved with strange glyphs.
Silver Flail 130 6000L 41 43 44 39
 A reliable flail made of finest silver.
Holy Flail 142 7500L 46 48 49 44
 A flail tempered in holy water.
Meteor Flail 146 See note NA NA 44 NA
  A flail made of metals from a meteor. – Reward for Rainbow Garden Subquest, Pop only.
Mythril Flail 151 8500L 50 52 53 48
 A flail made of magical mythril silver.
Diamond Flail 163 12500L 55 57 58 53
 A flail made of hardest diamonds.
Dragon Flail 172 25000L 59 61 62 57
 A flail formed from a dragon’s scale.
Crystal Flail 184 See note 61 63 64 59
 A flail imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Judgementica 190 Ultimate 63 NA NA NA
 A flail imbued with divine discernment. – Flick only.
Gravity Flail 190 Ultimate NA 65 NA NA
 A quality flail of immense density . – Tumble only.
Altena Flail 190 Ultimate NA NA 66 NA
 A special flail made of altena alloy . – Pop only.
Juggernaut 190 Ultimate NA NA NA 61
 A flail modeled after a huge wheel. – Wanderer only.
Mystery Flail 190 Deleted 55 61 69 46
 A mystery flail of unknown origin.
Ultima Flail 999 Debug only 1 1 1 1
 Debug flail.