Children of Mana - Equipment - Robes

Robes, increases your physical defense. These can be equipped by Tumble and Pop as an equivalent to Armours, which are equipped by Flick and Wanderer. There are also certain ones that are character unique. As with weapons, each has a level requirement.

Name DEF Cost LevelReq
Cotton Kilt 29 Free 1
 Very light armor made of cotton cloth. – Your character starts with this item.
Felt Robe 33 150L 3
 A robe made of thickly layered felt.
Hemp Robe 39 500L 7
 A robe constructed of flax fibers.
Silk Robe 46 1000L 10
 A robe sewn with magical silk thread.
Spark Robe 53 1400L 13
 A robe made of cloth as light as wind.
Leather Robe 60 1800L 16
 A robe made of many leather strips.
Shell Robe 66 2000L 19
 A sturdy robe woven with shells.
Scale Robe 73 2300L 22
 A sturdy robe woven with scales.
Ebony Robe 80 2500L 25
 A robe made with ebony tree thread.
Quipao 83 See note 26
 A dress high-cut for greater mobility. – Subquest “Why he disappeared”, Tumble Only.
Ash Robe 86 3200L 28
 A robe made with ash tree thread.
Owl Coat 90 See note 26
 A coat imbued with dark magic. – Subquest “Why he disappeared”, Pop Only.
Dion Robe 93 4000L 31
 A robe made with dion tree thread.
Magical Robe 104 5000L 36
 A robe enhanced by a protective spell.
Silver Robe 113 6000L 40
 A robe sewn with pure silver thread.
Bunny Dress 120 See note 44
 A charming dress with a rabbit’s tail. – Subquest “Checkered Past”, Tumble Only.
Jet Black Robe 124 7500L 45
 An evil robe made of black silk.
Nightmare Coat 129 See note 44
 A mysterious coat of many dreams. – Subquest “Checkered Past”, Pop Only.
Pure White Robe 133 8500L 49
 A robe of white silk and mythril cloth.
Holly Robe 144 12500L 54
 A robe of unsurpassed quality.
Zealot’s Coat 149 Ultimate 53
 A coat dedicated entirely to magic. – Pop only.
Dragon Robe 153 25000L 60
 A robe sewn from a dragon’s hide.
Aurora Dress 160 Ultimate 53
 A dress imbued with dawn’s soft light. – Tumble only.
Crystal Robe 164 See note 66
 A robe imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Ultima Armor 989 Debug only 1
 Debug armor.