Children of Mana - Equipment - Swords

The Sword is gained before your first mission to the Mana Tower. The basic attack for the sword is to perform up to three consecutive slashes, the last one of which will knock enemies over. This can cause damage to enemies behind them and in turn knock them over, etc etc. The sword will also be greatly used to mow down small obstacles such as pots, grass and bushes, to allow you to advance in the level, reveal the Gleamdrop and open chests. Certain gems will cause this last strike to send out a shock wave to increase its range, and also allow for cutting down small obstacles at a distance.

A focused attack for the sword is called a parry, and by the nature of such will deflect missiles and reduce the damage of physical attacks. The basic parry will only last 5 hits before failing and requiring regeneration. Certain gems will increase the number of hits the parry can take, or the damage reduced on physical attacks, or both.

A focused attack during Fury will cause the character to launch forward with the sword glowing in front of them, causing quite considerable damage. Enemies that are stationary (like vortexes) will receive up to three hits. Certain gems can increase the level of this attack, which increases the distance the charge
lasts and the damage caused.

Name ATK Cost LevelReq
      Flick Tumble Pop Wanderer
Short Sword 32 Free 1 1 1 1
 A small sword used for practice. – Received from Moti before first mission.
Bronze Sword 38 150L 4 5 5 4
 A common sword wrought of bronze.
Iron Sword 47 500L 8 8 9 7
 A thin, versatile sword made of iron.
Broadsword 53 1000L 11 11 12 10
 A sword with an unusually wide blade.
Longsword 59 1400L 14 14 15 13
 A sword with an extremely long blade.
Saber 66 1800L 17 18 19 16
 A curved sword wielded in one hand.
Steel Sword 72 2000L 20 21 22 19
 A simple yet sturdy sword of steel.
Falchion 78 2300L 23 24 25 22
 A sword able to split a foe in two.
Bastard Sword 83 2500L 25 26 27 24
 A balanced blade with a long handle.
Estoc 89 3200L 28 29 30 27
 A pointed blade chiefly for thrusting.
Flamberge 95 4000L 31 32 33 30
 A large sword with a curved blade.
Muramasa Blade 100 See note 28 NA NA NA
 A steel word forged by a master. – Reward for GoldRank in Brightwood, Flick Only.
Winged Sword 106 5000L 36 38 39 34
 A light sword decorated with wings.
Astral Blade 110 Deleted 31 32 33 30
 A strange sword of unknown origin.
Silver Blade 114 6000L 40 42 43 38
 A sharp sword wrought of fine silver.
Shamshir 125 7500L 45 47 48 43
 A beautiful sword with a curved blade.
Balmung 130 See note 40 NA NA NA
 The favorite sword of a fallen hero. – Reward for Rainbow Garden Subquest, Flick only.
Mythril Sword 133 8500L 49 51 52 47
 A sword wrought of magical mythril.
Diamond Sword 144 12500L 54 56 57 52
 A sword made with a diamond blade.
Dragon Sword 153 25000L 58 60 61 56
 A sword crafted from a dragon’s scale.
Crystal Sword 164 See note 60 62 63 58
 A sword imbued with mystic power. – Dudbear reward, or found in Cosmic Rift.
Sigmund 170 Ultimate 62 NA NA NA
 A sword named for a tragic hero. – Flick only.
Excalibur 170 Ultimate NA 64 NA NA
 A fabled sword only the brave may bear. – Tumble only.
Tyrfing 170 Ultimate NA NA 65 NA
 An ancient sword forged by dwarves. – Pop only.
Ragnarok 170 Ultimate NA NA NA 60
 A sword named for the world’s end. – Wanderer only.
Ultima Sword 999 Debug only 1 1 1 1
 Debug sword.