Children of Mana - Items

There are gems that can affect the effects of these items by increasing their restorative properties (2x or 5x), how many members of your party in multiplayer they affect, and also have the game automatically use them on your character when required (for example, to use a Pep Root when you are set on fire). These are all detailed in the Gems section.

These items are equipped to the Y button on the pad using the L button. This means that if necessary you can use several of the same item in quick succession (which can also, of course, put you in danger of using too many).

Item name Cost Effect
Gumdrop 100L Restores 30HP
Flower faeries make these clear, round treats from moondrops and pollen. One bite fills the mouth with a delectable sweet and sour flavour that invigorates body and soul.
Chocochomp 200L Restores 100HP
Made by a special process from a blend of cocoa and herbs, fed by sacred streams, this slightly bittersweet confectionary offers a burst of strength and energy to those who eat of its goodness.
Magic Walnut 150L Restores 80MP
Found only in forests inhabited by spirits, it is as rare as it is mysterious. Removed from its protective shell, the fragrant nut is able to clear the mind with one refreshing mouthful.
Pep Root 80L Cures all ailments but poison and ghost
A medicinal plant cultivated worldwide. Typically eaten as a mixture of new leaves and roots, its curative effects are immediate.
Stardust Herb 40L Cures poison
A mystical plant grown where holy waters flow. It can be made into an antidotal tea so potent that it can neutralize even the strongest poison
Angel’s Grail 1000L Cures all ailments, including ghost.
Long ago, an artisan crafted a silver chalice in the image of the one thought used by angels. When raised towards the sky, an angel in a brilliant light confers upon it divine protection.