Children of Mana - Magics

The system for casting is similar to Sword of Mana. Hold down the B button. The elemental will appear. If you walk into it, it grants either the status ailment of X Sword (ie flame, ice, etc) or other status enhancements (Support Magic), or if you let it be, it will blink and then cast its attack magic in the nearby space. You can press B again you’ll send the elemental in the direction you’re facing until it hits a wall to cast it’s magic there.

An Elemental’s level can be raised to 2 or 3 by equipping Gems. This will cause status aids to last longer or cure more, and attack magic to have a greater reach.

Only one elemental spirit can be equiped at one time, and can only be changed by talking to Tess or Nana in the Mana Village between missions.


Salamando – Fire

Attack – Explode
A fiery explosion blazes outward from the spirit.
Support – Flamestrike
Imbues weapons with the power to set foes ablaze.

Undine – Water

Attack – Ice Crush
Ice blasts outward from the spirit on four sides.
Support – Froststrike
Imbues weapons with the power to freeze foes in their tracks.


Gnome – Earth

Attack – Earth Spikes
Sharp rocks errupt from the earth beneath the spirit.
Support – Stonestrike
Imbues weapons with the power to prevent foes from attacking.

Jinn – Air

Attack – Cyclone
The spirit summons a tornado that spiral outward counterclockwise.
Support – Lighteningstrike
Imbues weapons with the power to paralyze foes.


Dryad – Trees

Attack – Thorny Tendrils
Thorny vines lash out from the spirit on four sides.
Support – Nature’s Aura
Cures an ally’s status ailments and gives temporary immunity.

Luna – Moon

Attack – Moonbeams
Rays of light emanate diagonally from the spirit.
Support – Lunar Radiance
Gradually restores an ally’s HP.


Wisp – Light

Attack – Holy Orb
The spirit summons an orb of light that whirls out clockwise.
Support – Healing Light
Restores an ally’s HP.

Shade – Dark

Attack – Dark Vortex
A vortex of darkness spirals outward from the spirit.
Support – Invisibility
Makes an ally invisible to enemies.