Children of Mana - Non playable characters

Granny Hannah

She took care of the main character after their parents died. She was attacked by a beast during the cataclysm ten years ago, and the wounds sometimes still hurt. She will hang around next to Dud Services in the Silver Mermaid.


A member of the village who conducts research using plants. She offers prayers to the Tree of Mana, giving thanks to the Mana Goddess for all she has done. She can be found sitting in front of the Mana Stone, or in the Haunted House after you have unlocked it.

Grampa Tony

An old man who you can find standing at the entrance of the village.


Moti is the mayor of the town. He lead an expedition to the island, and when the research was over the members of the expedition made the island their home. They asked him to become their mayor. You’ll find him in his house at the top right hand corner of the village.


Recepcionist for the Silver Mermaid, the town’s mall. She can fill you in on anything you need to know about the game.


Runs the Golden Goods Store on the island. He lost everything during the catastrophe ten years ago. He’ll buy and sell weapons, items and accessories.


Known as the king of the mines.

Bomb Brothers – Balbo, Belbo and Bulbo

They’ve come from Ishe to do research on gems on the Island of Illusia. They run the Bomb Bros. R&D store at the town that sells gems and will perform gem synthesis for you.

Pete and Nana

Two villagers who walk around inside the Silver Mermaid. Later in the game Nana will also have the function of changing your accompanying spirit.