Children of Mana - Sub quests

Aside from the Dud Servies subquests, there are a series of subquests which you obtain by either talking to the villagers or one of the 16 elemental spirits (there are eight elementals, two instances of each) at certain points in the game, generally after the area where the subquest is held has been cleared during the game. If you miss any subquests as you go through, don’t worry, just talk to the characters later in the game and you can catch up with them.

There is one subquest this does not apply to, which is Tess’ Whereabouts. This MUST be done before entering the Ruins, or you will ot be able to do it!

Each main character also has a unique subquest that only they can do.

However, in the same way that you can’t have more than one Dud Services subquest running, you can’t have more than one character subquests running either. If you have one already and are offered another, turn it down, you can always talk to them after you’ve completed the first and they will offer you the quest again.

With regards to elemental subquests, you will find these available after certain chapters. To obtain them, equip the elemental in question, and talk to one of the elemental spirits of that type in the town. So, for example, to visit the Benevodon of Fire, talk to Tess or Nana, equip Salamando, then go to Moti’s house and talk to Salamando there.

Villager Subquests

A Maiden’s Prayer
Client: Tess (after Chapter 1)
Area: Mana Tower Zones: 4
Reward: INT50 Accessory
Tess is unable to go and pray at the Mana Tower since the light incident, so she asks you to clear out the monsters so she can go pray again. This mission will consist of going through the Mana Tower defeating all monsters (this is the condition for revealing the GleamDrop to advance).
A Valuable Watch
Client: Millionaire (after Chapter 2)
Area: Mana Tower Zones: 4
Reward: 300L
Millionaire’s shop was broken into by a Burglar last night and stole all the money from the safe and a watch. He’s not worried about the money, but the watch is a different matter! So head for the Mana Tower and fight your way through until the last zone, hich should be full of Shadow Zero’s. Take them all down and finally the one that stole the watch will run away after your savepoint, leaving the watch behind. Take it back to Millionaire. It belonged to a friend of his who died in the cataclysm, so even though it’s material value is null, the memories are priceless. The reward is a bit of a letdown though.
The Bomb Brothers’ Discovery
Client: The Bomb Brothers (after Chapter 2)
Area: Star Lake Zones: 4
Reward: Red Gem – Feral Soul
Balbo has a revelation regarding their recent study of gems and thinks that a recently unearthed stone creature at Star Lake could help them make an important discovery. Once retrieved, they will begin their experiment and amake a gem they’ve never seen before. As a reward, you will receive the gem.
The Dragon in the Journal
Client: Tess (after Chapter 2)
Area: Star Lake Zones: 4
Reward: Dragon Scale -> Red Gem “Soul of the Dragon”
After readin the Adventurer’s Log I you’re compelled to investigate. Tess tell you that if you can’t get it out of your head, you’ll just have to go. After four zones of rather painstaking monster-bludgeoning, you get to a cave where the dragon’s suppossed to be. But none is to be found. You return to the Archives Building and explain to Tess that it was a fake after all. She disagrees, an hands over a Dragon Scale she found after you left, and that Moti would like you to have. It belonged to a friend of his.
If you take this scale to the Bomb Brothers they’ll make it into the gem “Soul of the Dragon”
Big Money!
Client: Millionaire (after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands Zones: 7
Reward: 4000L minus 2000L
Millionaire has an idea for making lots of cash, so he wants you to go and collect a rare plant that only grows in the Fiery Sands of Jadd. After 7 zones of quicksand madness, you find the plant and take it back to Millionaire. He’ll give you 4000L for the plant, but then charges you 2000L for the moneymaking idea.
On the Wings of Dreams
Client: Tess (after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands Zones: 7
Reward: Misc Item – Traveller’s Charm
Tess wants a cockatrice feather, and so would like you to take her to Jadd with you. She doesn’t let on what the feather is for though, but she’ll tell you when you find it. So off you go. Don’t worry, you don’t have to protect her through the zones from monsters, your alone during gameplay. The last zone will be full of monsters; after eliminating them all, Tess will find a pink cockatrice feather, but still won’t tell what it’s for. You both head back to the archive house, where Tess turns the feather in to a good-luck charm, in accordance with a book she found on Jaddian traditions and customs, that ensures the safe return of the traveller wearing one half of it. She gives you one half and keeps the counterpart.
Why He Disappeared
Client: Watts (after Chapter 4)
Area: Star Lake Zones: 7
Reward: Level 26 Armour/Robe
Panza, Watts’ assistant, has gone missing, and Watts thinks it might be to do with a scolding that he gave him recently. To find out where he’s headed, talk to Granny Hannah in the Mermaid, and she’ll tell you he was asking about how to get to Topple. Star Lake it is then!
This is a great subquest to level up with (I gained nearly 3 whole levels here alone). You’ll find Panza after 7 zones of bonecrunching madness. He didn’t run away after all, he came to rake some glowmoss, which only grows here in this cave. It’s Watt’s favourite dish. As you explain how worried Watt’s is he appears and scolds Panza for coming alone. Turns out Panza wanted to give it to Watts as a present.
A Stone Sleeping for an Age
Client: Tess (after Chapter 4)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar Zones: 7
Reward: Yellow Gem – Millennicite
You find Tess in the archive room with bloodshot eyes from poring over research. She’s been reading “A Treatise on Mana, Volume I” that her parents authored, and is the only surviving book of theirs. She came to Illusia to complete their research. One section in particular called “The Stone of Mana” caught her eye, and she wants to find out if the stone they mention was a gem or not. She asks you to find out. The Stone is kept in the castle at Lorimar.
After battling through the enemies, we’ll find the stone in a chest in a far off room of the castle. The stone looks no different to a gem. We take it back to Tess who explains that shamans once used it to pray for devine intervention. As they did so the stone became imbued with more and more Mana. But Tess won’t be doing experiments, so gives you the gem to try.
Tess’ Whereabouts
Client: Nana (After Chapter 5)
Area: Mana Tower Zones: 7
Reward: INT 120 Character Unique Accessory
People have noticed that Tess has disappeared since the quelling of the Tempest. Before discovering the glowing Mana Stone, Nana and she will suggest you check the Mana Tower. After 7 zones you find will find tess being chased by the Mana Lord at the top of the tower. She is abducted by him and drops her half of the Traveller’s Charm.
Keep this Traveller’s Charm for after completing the Ruins quest. Once this is completed, the Charm will be given back to Tess and exchanged for an Accessory. In Flick’s case this is the Hero’s Medallion, Tumble’s its the Ancient Tiara.
A Checkered Past
Client: Seamoon (After Chapter 6)
Area: Star Lake of Topple Zones: 9
Reward: Level 44 Character Unique Armour or Robe
Seamoon wants you to take a coral earring from her and cast it into the lake deep in Topple. As for why she wants you to do this, she merely says she has a checkered past. After completing the zones you stand before a lake deep in the cave and throw the earring in. A voice says “Farewell”. Confused you head back to see Seamoon, who offers to explain her chekered past, but you don’t want to pry. You mention the voice saying farewell, which seems to startle Seamoon slightly. After you leave, Seamoon says “Goodbye, love…”
The Rainbow Garden
Client: Tess (After Chapter 6)
Area: Fiery Sands of Jadd Zones: 10
Reward: Weapon – Balmung (Flick)/Elven Bow (Tumble)/Meteor Flail (Pop)
Tess hasn’t found anything useful about the current issue at hand but she has found a new and interesting journal by the same person who wrote the one about the Dragon at Topple. The Journal explains that he was returning to Jadd to tend unfinished business, and saw some multicoloured flowers that only grow on the far side of Jadd after a long jounrey through the desert. You offer to go and pick some for Tess, as they may still be in bloom. You head for Jadd, fight your way through the desert, but find no flowers at the end of it all. Just as you are about to give up, you see something shining on the ground. They are seeds! You go back and explain to Tess you didn’t find anything, and she hands over another Journal she found just after you left. The traveller returned to look for the flowers, but none remained after the cataclysm. He made it his quest to form an investigative team to head for Illusia and research the Mana Tree, and his friend from Ishe supports the idea. After reading it you suspect that the journal’s author is Mayor Moti, so go and Chat to him. He says that the flowers sparkled with all the hues of the rainbow. You give him the seeds you found, and he exclaims that these must be the seeds for those flowers, and that if these take root the desert could bear the flowers once more, so he’ll keep them and have Professor Bomb overlook their growth. As a reward you receive a weapon from Moti for your efforts.
Friendship Beyond Words
Client: Dudbear of Dud Services (After Chapter 7)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar Zones: 10
Reward: Shiney Rock, Duddish Dictionary
A dudbear has gone missing in Lorimar, at the Ice Citadel, and they are worried that he’s had an accident. Time to go find him. After 10 painstaking levels in the Ice Citadel, you arrive at a room with a shovel in the middle. It must belong to a dudbear. You decide to take the Shovel back to Dud Services and report your findings. It turns out the clumsy dudbear has already returned by himself. The Formerly Missing Dudbear apologizes for making you worry and the trouble you had to go to, and mentiones he lost his shovel, which you return, much to his delight. He gives you a Shiny Rock and a Duddish Dictionary. If you now take the Shiny Rock to the Bomb Brothers, they’ll recognize it as the legendary Smelting Rock, with which they can increase your gem frame to 4×4! As if you weren’t unstoppable already, now you get to be even more so!

Character Specific Subquests

Flick says goodbye
Client: Watts (after the Path of Life, Flick only)
Area: Brightwood of Wendal Zones: 10
Reward: Red Gem – Light on a Boy
You talk to Watts about your family, and reflect on how your sister and father would always make fun of you , and you would go crying to your mother. Flick feels sad anout being such a crybaby when he was little, but Watts comforst him by reminding him of what a hero he has turned in to now, and how that is what is important. Flick feels however that he should say goodbye to his family in Brightwood.
You arrive at a clearing in Brightwood and call out to your family. The Toy Horse begins to glow and the voices of your family tell you how proud they are of you for all you are doing. The Toy Horse then gathers their wills together and embodies them in a new Red Gem. You thank them and leave.
Tumble says goodbye
Client: Seamoon (after the Path of Life, Tumble only)
Area: Star Lake of Topple Zones: 10
Reward: Purple Gem – Light on a Maiden
You ask Seamoon if she knew Tumble’s mother, which she did, and they practically grew up together. You hand her the hairpin that you obtained from the Shadows at the end of the Ruins Chapter and ask her to have a look at it. It was Tumble’s mother’s favourite hairpin, which you thought to be lost in the fire ten years ago. So it really was her shadow… Tumble says this hairpin was handed down to her on her fifth birthday, and she always wanted to become a dancer, but her father didn’t approve. She kept persisting and improving trying to become like her mother. Seamoon comments that you must be tired, running away into the memories of the past. It’s ten years since Seamoon brought Tumble to Illusia, she knows what you’re thinking, trying to please everyone around you. For a second, Tumble thinks she can hear her mother calling, and she decides to go and say goodbye over in Topple.
You arrive at a clearing in Topple, and call out to your family, saying you can’t look back anymore. You ask to hear them just one more time. The hairpin emerges from your pocket, and fills the cave with light. The voice of your father comments on how you’ve grown, and you make him proud. You mother reminds you that you must take the world down its proper path. Toby says goodbye, and tells you to take care. With that the hairpin gather together the will of your family and embodies it in a new purple gem. You thank your family and leave.
Pop says goodbye
Client: (unknown)
Area: (unknown) Zones: 10
Reward: Blue Gem – Light on a Child
Description unavailable
A Traveler’s Memories
Client: Millionaire (after the Path of Life, Wanderer Only)
Area: Brightwood of Wendal Zones: 10
Reward: Yellow Gem – Light on a Nomad
(Details missing for pre-quest conversation with Millionaire)
You arrive at a clearing and call out to Sophie and Danny. At first there is no answer, but then the Harmonica lets out a bright light. Suddenly you hear Sophie’s voice: “Listen closely. I cannot see you anymore. But I want you to have this.” After Sophie’s voice fades, you begin to hear the voice of Danny: “I’m watchin’ over you from above. Do your best to make the future a bright one!” Sophie’s voice can then be heard again: “Farewell, Wanderer. My love…” After the light dissipates, a gem is left in the place of the Harmonica. You come to believe that it is a crystal of their hearts. After shouting your thanks, you head back to Mana Village.

Benevodon Elemental Subquests

The Benevodon of Fire
Client: Salamando (in Moti’s house after Chapter 3)
Area: Fiery Sands of Jadd Zones: 7
Reward: Flammalex
Salamando suggests that you visit Xan Bie, the benevodon of fire, to learn more about how to quell the collumns of Mana. After 6 zones, you encounter a rather large ogre in the middle of a quicksand pit, menacingly and precariously flinging about a mace. You should be able to take him out with relative ease. Then you’ll encounter Xan Bie, hovering over the pit where you defeated the enemy that contained him previously. You ask him about what is happenning to the world. You have three choices as to what to ask him about.
After the explanation, he will leave you Flammalex and fly off again.
The Benevodon of Water
Client: Undine (nearest the Mana Stone after Chapter 4)
Area: Star Lake Zones: 7
Reward: Aqualex
Undine thinks that Fiegmund the Great, the benevodon of water, could help you clear up some details on what’s going on with the world. Again, the 7th zone is guarded this time by a cyclops. Fiegmund will then appear and you will enquire again about a subject.
After the explanation, you will be left with Aqualex, and return to the Mana Village.
The Benevodon of Earth
Client: Gnome (near town entrance after Chapter 4)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar Zones: 7
Reward: Terralex
Gnome suggests asking Land Umber the Unyielding for information. You’ll find him at Lorimar, after another 6 painstaking zones and a cyclops. Land Umber will appear in what is so far the most stately room in the citadel to give us another tidbit of information. He will then leave behind Terralex for you to take back to the Mana Village.
The Benevodon of Wind
Client: Jinn (Silver Mermaid balcony after Chapter 1)
Area: Ice Citadel of Lorimar Zones: 4
Reward: Ventilex
Jinn recommends you talk to Dangaard the Lofty, benevodon of wind, who dwells inside the Mana Tower. This subquest is shorter than other ones, and you encounter the cyclops on the 4th zone. You reach the top of the Mana Tower and Dangaard appears to you. After some chitchat, Ventilex is yours.
The Benevodon of Wood
Client: Dryad (to the right of Moti’s door after Chapter 5)
Area: Brightwood of Wendel Zones: 7
Reward: Arborelex
Dryad thinks Mispolm the Ageless, the benevodon of wood, could help you on your quest. You’ll find him in Brightwood, after 6 zones of sheer frustration (I hate Brightwood for subquests), 4 walking trees and a cyclops. Learn some more and add Arborelex to your collection.
The Benevodon of Moon
Client: Luna (in Moti’s house after Chapter 3)
Area: Mana Tower Zones: 7
Reward: Lunalex
Luna suggests talking to Dolan the Celestial in the Mana Tower for some advice on how to stop the surges. 7 zones later, and you’ll know, and you’ll receive Lunalex.
The Benevodon of Light
Client: Wisp (to the left of the Mana Stone after Chapter 6)
Area: Ruins Zones:
Reward: Lustrilex
Wisp suggests talking to Lightgazer the Luminous at the Ruins of Illusia. After 9 painful levels, you reach another ogre who’s asking for a beating. Then you will meet Lightgazer, a big floating eye. After learning more from him, you will receive Lustrilex and return to the village.
The Benevodon of Shadow
Client: Shade (to the right of the Mana Stone after Chapter 7)
Area: Path of Life Zones: 10
Reward: Umbralex
As the final battle is at hand, Shade reflects that maybe Zable Fahr the Nebulous. And after 10 REALLY painful zones through the Path of Life you finally reach him. And I thought that the subquests in Brightwood were a pain… You are rewarded with Umbralex, and return to the village.
Final Elemental Subquest
Client: Mana Stone (after completing the game’s main storyline)
Area: Cosmic Rift Zones: 17
Reward: Yellow Gem – Mystic Blessing
You approach the Mana Stone and notice a light emanating from it. You decide to have a look and check whether it is another anomaly, and are immediately transported to the Cosmic Rift. Now, if you thought that fighting one ogre at the end of a level was nifty, wait ’til you see this. The five last zones are literally FILLED with DOZENS of cyclops! And they all give you lots of EXP, so if you have the chance to put in a Heart of Progress, by all means do so!
You’ll reach an inner chamber within the cosmic rift, where all the Benevodos are united and flying around. They say you have come far, and you wield power unlike any other. And so they shall reward you. With that they hand you a Yellow Gem. They bid you farewell, and will remember you. With that you are transported back to the Mana Village.