Children of Mana - Walkthrough - Prologue

At the start of the game you will be asked to choose a character, give them a hair, hat, dress or robe colour, and personalise their name should you wish to do so. Depending on your choice of character, your story will start out slightly differently. Below are detailed these different beginnings, which all converge after a few minutes and then follow the same line no matter who you have chosen.

Please refer to the characters section of this site for more information on each of the characters and their unique abilities.

Flick – The Determination of a Young Warrior

Flick stands before Moti, the leader of the Mana Village, in his home. They have just finished training for the day, but Flick is eager to learn more soon. The fire in his eyes and determination remind Moti of Flick’s father, who was a captain in the Holy Infantry of Wendel, and a fearless swordsman. Flik wants to become just like him as soon as possible.

Moti goes on to explain that monsters swarmed the land ten years ago during the cataclysm, but times have changed now, there’s no rush to get stronger. Flick gives up, and says he’ll go visit Tess. Moti comments that she’s about to offer prayers, son he mustn’t detain her or make her late. Flick doesn’t appear to understand just how important the ritual is. Flick agrees to not bother her, but drops by to see her anyway quickly. Goto the Prologue below.

Tumble – The Kindness of a Young Maiden

Tumble returns to the town and is greeted by Granny Hannah, who asked her to go into the woods for her to collect some herbs to soothe her old wounds. Tumble explains it is the least she can do for her, after the good care she always receives from Granny.

Granny was attacked ten years ago by a beast during the great cataclysm, and the pain still returns at times. Tumble asks Granny to let her know if the pain comes back, as she wants her to live the long life her parents couldn’t. Granny offers Tumble to come to her place for tea, but she has to go see Tess.

Tess had asked you to collect some plants for her research. You take these to her, sitting in front of the Mana Stone at the top of the village, who feels bad for having you go out to get them. It is also nearly time for her to offer her prayers to the Mana Goddess. Goto the Prologue below.

Pop – The Curiosity of a Young Boy

Pop stands before the famous haunted house of the Mana Village. No one is ever seen going in or out of the house, and it is permanently locked. He wonders if the tales really are true. As he approaches, Grampa Tony calls to him from behind and asks him what he’s doing. Doesn’t he know that the place is haunted?

Pop reasons that if the ghosts are people who died in the cataclysm ten years ago, he might be able to talk to his mother, who died in the war. It was so long ago that Pop doesn’t remember what she looks like. But Grampa Tony reassures him that only bad ghosts live in the house, and gives him some candy before telling him to run along and forget about the house.

Pop decides to go share his candy with Tess, but Grampa Tony warns him not to keep her from her duties of offering up prayers to the Mana Goddess, as it is thanks to maidens like her that we can all live in peace. He goes running up to Tess, who is sitting in front of the Mana Stone at the top of the town, and tells her how Grampa Tony gave him candy and wants her to have some, and also asks what she is researching in front of the Mana Stone. Goto the Prologue below.

Wanderer – The Diligence of a Wandering Niccolo

Wanderer reports back to the Golden Goods store that everything has been taken to the port storage. Millionaire commends him for his hard work, but tells him not to take it lightly: no hard work, no eating. But Wanderer knows well that he has to work, and he is grateful to Millionaire for taking care of him after they both lost everything in the cataclysm ten years ago.

Millionaire wonders if maybe it’s time for Wanderer to settle down on the island. He likes it here, it makes sense, so he’ll give it some thought. Millionaire invites him round for dinner that night, but Wanderer declines, as he has to go see Tess and give her a pretty seashell he found at the port. Millionaire reminds him that Tess will be heading out for her prayers about now, so best not to bother her more than giving her the shell. And don’t be late for work tomorrow!

Wanderer heads to the Mana Stone at the top of the town, where Tess is sitting doing her research. He gives her the seashell, which she comments on being a lovely gift. Wanderer then asks her about her research. Goto the Prologue below

Prologue – The beginning of our tale

Lately Tess has noticed something strange happening with the flora and fauna of the area, as if they’re afraid. After explaining this, she gives some Notes to you to take to Moti which she can’t take herself lest she be late for prayers at the Mana Tower.

Tumble then goes to Moti in the town hall (top right house) and gives him the notes, which relate to some abnormal growth in plants. As you are about to leave, Watts enters the house (who incidentally talks like a scot). After some friendly chatter, Watts hands over a geode he’s worried about, and is trying to find answers about here in Illusia, where he thinks something strange may be happening. One of his lads found it. He explains they can alter the essence of any living thing, according to Professor Bomb.

This worries Moti, who suspects that the evil spirits, the power of Mavolia, have returned. Ten years ago they were contained when the Mana Goddess herself sealed the gates to Mavolia.

An earthquake then strikes and Pete, a villager, runs in exclaiming something has happened to The Stone. The three rush out to the Mana Stone, a great lapid at the back of the town with an engraving of the Mana Tree and the eight elementals, which is currently glowing, and then cracks, leaving everyone bafflingly philosophical.

A girl, Nana, then rushes in crying for help. The Mana Tower has been swallowed by a white light! Nana escaped, but Tess is still inside. You offer to go and rescue her, at which point Watts tell her to take Professor Bomb’s latest invention with her: the Gem Frame (see [GEMS] for details). Moti also provides you with the Magic Rope, that will return you to the village should you see yourself in trouble.

As you head out of the village, onward toward your first quest, a voice calls to you urging you to stop. The eight elementals appear and offer their services. You can only choose one to take with you, and since you’re going to be up against fire, either take Undine or Shade.

And now, young traveler, it is time to face the music and dance. Onward to…

… the next chapter…