Children of Mana - Walkthrough - The End

The Beginning of a New Legend

You hold the sword high above you, and the black vines break free from it, filling the room with the sword’s glow. You then dig it into the ground, producing a blinding light that soars toward the heavens and crystalizes.

Back in the town Moti comments on its brilliance, while Watts points out that this is how miracles are born. The crystals shatter and begin to rain from the sky, as “Rising Sun” plays once again.

At the foot of the Mana Tree, Tess holds the seed which starts to glow mysteriously. The villagers and the spirits celebrate back at the town.

Then the cry of a baby…

You walk back to the foot of the Mana Tree and join Tess, and finally realize you’re back on Illusia. As you celebrate the breaking of the shackles over Illusia, Mana’s child appears from the ground, as do a set of Geodes that all become one with the Seed. Treant and Gaia then show up and explain that it is Mana’s progeny and shall be entrusted to the daughters of Mana when the Tree falls one day, the descendants of your children’s children.

The progeny rises skyward and shows the image of the Mana Goddess for a second holding her child, then vanishes. It is then that you realize the Sword of Mana has gone too, and returned to Mana where it belongs.

Days later, you find yourself abroad a boat headed away from Illusia. Moti has decreed that Illusia must be sealed off as a sanctuary, for its powers are too great to be handled. The benevodons will keep it out of reach. You look back in sadness as you remember events of the past days…

Tess has to stay behind… someone has to do it, and she wants to stay with the Mana Tree. Together they will always watch over you.

As you look back, the benevodons form a circle round the island, and then the island disappears. Now it is time to head for Jadd, Moti’s homeland, at least for now, with help of the spirits Undine and Jinn.

Watts tries to comfort you, as there is a lot to do in the new world. Flick agrees, and Tumble remembers that the Mana Goddess will always watch over them. Wanderer welcomes the dawn of a new world, while Pop says his last goodbye to Tess.

And that is how Illusia Isle was sealed off as a sanctuary and sent to a place far beyond the reach of mortals.

Even now, maidens attend to the Mana Tree and watch over us all with great affection, that we might enjoy peace and prosperity.

Roll Credits!

Congratulations, you have completed the main storyline of Children of Mana. Enjoy the music as the names of all those who spent their lives making this game possible fly from the pages of the book.

And that is the end of the tale. Did you find it entertaining?

What’s that? You want to hear more of the tree and the sword?

Hohoho… Let this be enough for now. I will gladly tell you another story another day.

Now, be a good child and go to sleep.

I will pray to the goddess that your dreams be sweet.


“Returning to Mana Village.”

You’re now given a new mission… “You may have missed something. Leave no stone unturned as you search.”

Which means you can play any part of the game again, including the final stage. Also you will now have access to the Final Elemental Subquest, by walking up to the Mana Stone and touching it (assuming that you have completed all other elemental subquests). You will now find also that sometimes standard monsters will appear in certain places and be black instead of their other normal colours. These enemies give you a lot of EXP, so keep an eye out for them.