Dawn of Mana - Arena Objects

Name Description Condition of Purchase Cost
Firecroakers Frog-faced kindling balls Complete Chapter 2 1,000
Spike o’ Sphere A prickly ball Complete Chapter 2 1,500
Pine o’ Clock Enemy explodes soon after impact Complete Chapter 2 2,000
Secret Vault Multiple vaults will appear on the map. There will be many little vaults and one big vault. Each little vault will give you 10 of a random medal. A big vault will give you 10 of each medal and a random amount of Lucre. Complete Chapter 2 3,500
Hugshell Snaps shut on impact Complete Chapter 2 6,800
Crescent Barrier A versatile field tool Complete Normal Mode 128,000
Blade Maw A spinning sickle trap Complete Normal Mode 256,000
Gemini Hammer A mysterious magic weapon Complete Normal Mode 300,000