Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 1

A Spirit and a Maiden

Follow Ritzia and get the hang of the control scheme. When Ritzia can’t help you, you need to progress by yourself. The key things to note are pillars that look broken. Step on top of them to close, which unlocks the path ahead. The other thing worthy of mention is moving through an area of spinning tops. Only jump when it is moving towards the exits and not against you. Otherwise, you’ll never make it. Once the whip and slingshot are useable, test them out.

Boss – Grave Guardian: Thanatos Haggar / Grim Mortifier

Yup, first boss is none other than Haggar of the older Mana games. Attack patterns only include swiping and charging. The fastest way to beat it is to launch the Wind or Earth Walnuts, get behind it, and attack the crystal. Use your air attacks to damage it or Pebbles when it is out of Panic.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– no longer Panics after charging and hitting objects.

– moves extremely fast for its size, turns fast as well.

– always retaliates with his rotating counter after Panic is over.

– its charge now homes into Keldy’s position.

Cheese method

Toss either of the walnuts and shoot Pebbles at its back crystal. If you want to extend its Panic count, toss any of the other objects in the cave at it while Haggar is in Panic. The deal here is that Pebbles actually does some damage and it won’t lower its Panic count as much. If you have any of the Pebbles-boosting Ribbons, they are highly recommended. Best way to kill it on ULTIMATE.

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