Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 2

Lord of the Forest

First segments are really easy to get through, no need to be worried. Some tough foes like Du’Ram show up, so avoid taking them on unless you Panic them. The last segment involves moving through the forest of Trent. To progress, you need to climb up the wooden bridges to reach the exits on higher elevation. The Poron archers will help fight back the enemies, but don’t count on them to do much damage.

Boss – Forest Guardian: Thanatos Trent / Grim Treant

Trent can be easily beaten by throwing Pumpkin Bombs at it, using Salamander, and just letting the fires eat its HP. If Faye’s level is at 4, use Flame Saber and really watch Trent burn to death. To get more Pumpkin Bombs to drop, kill his tentacles.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– 4 tentacles to fight off, like in HARD.

– all 4 tentacles attack at the same time, making it hard to get close and damage Trent.

– when the pumpkin bombs are in play, each tentacle will attack non-stop and protect Trent from damage.

Cheese method

With the initial pumpkin bomb that appears, toss it and attack with Flaming Saber until the effect runs out. Now, retreat to the woods south of Keldy’s starting position and camp out here. As pumpkin bombs drop, keep tossing them at Trent and do another round of Flaming Saber. If you really don’t want to risk being slammed and swiped by the tentacles, especially in ULTIMATE, just stay there and toss pumpkin bombs until it dies.

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