Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 3

The Guardian and Gaia

This mountain-climbing Chapter holds some annoying elements. Most notable are boulders that materialize out of nowhere to ruin any progress by flinging Keldy as much as 100 feet. This can potentially send him from the top of one segment right down to the start of it. Plus, you waste 10-15 minutes climbing again!

The first notable area involves stepping on switches and going to an area with multiple levels. Attack the switch closest to move up and keep going this until you are at the end. The area after requires a mini-game that must be completed. Basically, climb up to Goblin Rock and there will be cart switches at the top of it. Attack it and ride the cart, but slash any goblin sign along the way. Hit 4 and you’ll get the key to move on.

The third notable area is the higher section of the mountain. It is VERY easy to get lost here as this segment has really high elevation to climb. There is only one correct path to the very top and two ways to do it. First is to make a near impossible jump on the highest ground on the base floor to an even higher ground. Second is to follow the path behind the Mana spirit, Luna. Either way, you’ll reach water currents. The one that leads to the correct path will have numerous Mono objects and it won’t lead out to a giant vine. Be careful since the floors have the durability of paper so move fast.

3-3 quickest path to clear:

1. Follow the path leading to a cave with Mana spirit, Shade.

2. Return to the main path and start climbing up the ledges, until you reach the top.

3. Run while guarding to avoid getting hit(and sent right back to the ground) by the boulders.

4. Climb up and enter the cave with the cart ride.

5. Activate the switch, ride the cart, and slash 4 of the Goblin symbols.

6. Get back on the track and right by the second switchpoint, jump to the left side and onto the island.

7. Cross the bridge and just attack the door if it doesn’t open.

3-4 quickest path to clear:

1. Head for the cave to access Mana spirit Luna.

2. Go behind the cave and climb up until you reach another cave.

3. At the top of the cave leading to higher elevation, go through the passage leading to a different part of the cave.

4. Do some platforming and ride the current up.

5. Head for the area that is submerged and has boxes. Do a diving slash.

6. Ride the next water current and beat up on the Lorimar goons after the ride is done.

7. With the key gained from the Lorimar goons, jump onto the blue pillar and do two diving slashes.

8. Jump onto the ledge and you’re out of this confusing and huge section!

Boss: Wyvern

This dragon WOULD be hard to hit as it flies REALLY high but there’s a cheese way of killing it fast. Stock up on Undine and Wisp ammo and shoot one at it. Once it’s down, do a full combo and let it rise and fly. A few seconds after it stabilizes its flight, shoot at it again. Rinse and repeat. Joke boss on EVERY difficulty.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– has a tendency to fly unbelievably high, making it impossible to

– fireball attack has a lot bigger range and two separate fireballs are fired as well.

Cheese method

Just fire either Undine or Wisp when it’s flying, combo, retreat and repeat. Joke boss even in ULTIMATE.

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