Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 5

Of Deserts and Friends

This is where the game stops holding your hands and says “You’re on your own”. In other words, things are going to get ugly. Enemies will now begin to have resistance to weak Mono objects and require Keldy to be at a higher level to use the whip on them. Also, Thanatos-class enemies begin to show and they range from moderate to frustrating. Fortunately, you only deal with the weaker ones for now. The Shadow types are the most dangerous, as they can teleport and fire fast projectiles. They also deal huge amounts of damage and don’t give out stat boosters(!!!).

For the first part, you’ll be assisting the knights beat down the local baddies and Thanatos goons. The exit is through the eastern side of the city and up on a ladder. The second part is the same, except mages begin to assist you as well. You don’t have to help them, but they do give free restorative items if you do. Special vases appear in the second segment and they hold lots of Lucre to obtain. Big barrels are hear as well and doing a diving slash(jump then hold the attack button) will Panic any enemies nearby if destroyed. You need keys to progress so beat up the Boas and Mushbooms to grab them.

The third segment involves destroying Thanatos orbs located across many levels. There are elevators to use and mages to help you. Shadows always materialize nearby a Thanatos orb so be careful. Once they’re all destroyed, head back to the base floor and destroy all Thanatos orbs to access the lift.

The fourth segment is the same Thanatos generator-destroying as before, but most are located at the roofs of the buildings. This is part is REALLY annoying since your jumps have to be perfect(meaning the camera or Havok physics don’t screw you up) and you have to watch out for the birds. I recommend killing them so they don’t shoot you with godly accuracy and make you fall. Once you destroy all of them, head back down to the base floor and move all the way to the back and climb up the stairs. Access the lift to reach the fifth segment.

Trouble Spots

5-3: Whenever a Shadow is around, keep your distance and grab one of the Goblins. Use them to temporarily Panic one as you destroy the generators. Never try to fight them since they don’t give out anything unless they are in full Panic.

5-4: It’s not hard but make sure you position the camera angle(I know it’s not friendly but try!) correctly so Keldy’s jumps won’t be affected by the angle. Be sure to shoot down those annoying birds so Keldy doesn’t fall down from being shot by them. Also, when destroying the generators by the building roofs, Shadows have a nasty tendency to materialize and fire Thanatos projectiles at you. Hope they don’t shoot you down.

Boss: Thanatos Lekius / Grim Lekius

Lekius is a coward and he loves to show it off. He moves ungodly fast and trying to use enemy targeting will just screw up camera control… don’t use it. Instead, try to track him from the radar(yes, it isn’t useless here) and when he stops, unload any Mana spirit ammo save Wisp. Once he’s crying for pain, snipe at him with Pebbles or use Ice Saber and keep him in Panic. He’ll eventually shrug it off and run away.

Once he starts to getting serious, he’ll become invisible and only materialize when attacking. Use the garden bell in the center to reveal his location. This time for offense, switch to Wisp. The deal is that Wisp has a huge AoE range and this will trigger the exploding cactus to.. explode. They cause Freeze so don’t get hit, but they really screw up Lekius. You can also switch to Hyper Aura and finish him off once he’s weakened.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– Thanatos arrow attack now homes and goes through ANY obstacle, destructable or not.

– rapid arrows attack now fires two arrows per shot.

– Lekius destroys the walkways leading to the bell at the start and will try and destroy the bell as well.

– always makes a huge jump right after invoking his forcefield.

– shakes off Panic after a few sword hits.

– Lekius recedes into the environment(invisible) much earlier and materializes only to attack. The moment his arrow finishes, he quickly recedes again.

– summons Thanatos Shadows to annoy the hell out of you.

Cheese method

Waste an Undine or Shade first and activate Frozen Saber. After one full combo, retreat and fire Pebbles until his Panic gets low. Use another Undine or Shade then follow up with Frozen Saber again. He likely will shrug Panic off but no biggie. When he starts to recede into the environment, switch to Gnome and Wisp ammo. Wait until he materializes before shooting. If he is on top of either the cardinal-direction platforms, use Wisp then follow with the Frozen Saber and Pebbles. If not, use Gnome and repeat the pattern. Most useful in ULTIMATE.

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