Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 6

A Fool and a Sword

By now, you should have the lowest rank Ribbons for HP, MP, and ATK boosters unlocked. Equip those before starting the Chapter. Lorimar goons show up again and they’re not exactly found of seeing Keldy alive. However, they attack in large mobs so stay clear of them unless you can isolate them. The first segment involves getting 4 keys to progress, each key only opening up a spectacular 5 feet before the next door blocks the way! Beat up on the Lorimar goons and the Du’ enemies until you get all keys.

The next segments involve climbing the tower. For areas with the ferris wheels(no jokes, they’re here), just get inside a cart and let it take you to the top. Some platforming will have to be done, but it’s no biggie. The rest of these areas are rather self-explanatory. The fourth segment involves climbing up a tall tower. Huge blocks of steel are here and this is a goldmine to quickly cause full Panic AND kill enemies fast. Why? These blocks of steel almost always send an enemies’ Panic to 99, making it easy to cause full Panic. Also, when you slam enemies into these blocks, they lose around 100 HP and this also can kill them fast. Considering most enemies only have around 125-150 at this point…

Trouble Spots

6-1: When trying to hunt down the keys, use the weaker enemies to Panic the bigger ones then follow up with Undine to freeze them. It’s better that less enemies try to harass you while finding which enemy drops a key. More often than not, the keys are dropped by Lorimar soldiers than the Du’ or dragon-class enemies.

6-4: Although the blocks of steel are wonderful tools of destruction, don’t go too far without dispatching of the closest group of enemies. Huge mobs of them show and will actually try and assist other mobs in beating Keldy to a pulp. Be wary of the Gazer enemies hovering around and the usual Shadow goons.

Boss – Previous Seed Bearer: Masked Guru/Granz

This is the best fight in the game, hands-down. It’s also a long war of attrition so come at max Levels. Masked Guru comes in two forms: his normal self and his Barrier form. In his Barrier form, MG uses some nasty attacks that either Burn or Freeze you. You cannot damage him until this is destroyed. To do so, use the appropriate Mana spirit ammo(look at his barrier to figure out what to use).

In his normal form, he moves like a Wisdom Form Sora and uses an all-status inducing blast and a mist of poison. He is also immune to Mono like Stroud except he really doesn’t have any visible weakpoints. If you try to fight him, he always counters with his near-instant sword attacks. Wait until he begins casting his poison mist to attack. Once his HP dips low enough, he’ll summon Snipe Masks to harass you with the Orion beam attack. Of the two Snipe Masks summoned, he always uses one as a second layer of defense. Normal attacks will destroy the Snipe Masks, but do it when they stop.

The final portion of the final is the tough part. Masked Guru casts meteors that can insta-kill Keldy if his HP isn’t high enough. Also, Masked Guru fires his status-inducing blast at point-blank in his normal state so attacking him is dangerous. Put distance so he can use poison mist and attack. Hyper Aura is recommended to get through this stage. To dodge the meteors, hide behind the device in the center.

Oh yeah, the reason why this is a long fight is because the battlefield IS the tower itself. You will be chasing the Masked Guru on every floor of the tower and there is an added element here. The ENTIRE tower is a Mono object in that it can be blown to pieces literally. Barrier Masked Guru’s attacks and the Orion beams are the main attacks that will destroy the tower. Also, using the wind devices to propel Keldy to the higher floors can destroy parts of the tower. Whatever you do, don’t let these pieces hit you… cause they’ll be doing as much damage as the blocks of steel in the earlier segment if they hit.

The final note is that the Barriers and Snipe Masks are revived any time they die. Hence why this will be a long battle. If you are running low on HP or MP, break the pillars in hopes that one of them will drop off a restorative item. Conserve your MP only for Heal Light and nothing else save Hyper Aura in the final moments.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– Snipe Masks are summoned right from the start and their Orion beams have pinpoint accuracy. Unless you have Rolling Master, fall off the tower, or use the wind devices, the beams never miss. Orion beams fire with much greater frequency.

– Masked Guru actively destroys the tower so you have much less room to manuever and will have to make some hard platforming jumps during the battle.

– all attacks are casted extremely fast and counters are instant.

– fully immune to Mono objects, Panic is only possible if he gets hit by a Gazer’s attack.

– Masked Guru heals HP when he sucks energy from the green mana spheres. He instantly activates Barrier form the moment he begins to suck energy.

– Meteors now actively track so you can’t hide behind the central device.

– summons Gazer-class enemies to keep you busy.

Cheese method

For his Barrier forms and Snipe Masks, either Undine or Salamander will work. For his base form, track him and wait for the poison mist casting to attack. After one full combo is done, shoot him with Pebbles to continue dealing damage. If he retreats to any of the green balls, you can combo him normally on all difficulties save ULTIMATE. During any of his meteor attacks, he is completely vulnerable after casting it. In the final part of the battle, shoot him with Pebbles and be ready to dodge his status-inducing blast. Attack with Full Tilt when he uses poison mist.

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