Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 7

Warriors of Hope

Keep the same Emblem setup as before.. that will be suffice. The first segment is really not too bad and you don’t fight many enemies. The next two will have the majority of them, but you have allies.. knights and Watts in his awesome tank. Watts however will be stunned if ANYTHING strong hits the tank, but it will not die. Whenever Watts stops, kill off every enemy in the area so he can move around. By the final segment, you’ll need to assist Watts in downing the annoying dragon-class enemies. Ice Saber is highly recommended to beat them.

The fourth segment involves killing phantom dragons to steal their keys. The first part can be a little rough since you need to kill 4 dragons, but Panic following up with Ice Saber quickly can solve this. The second part involves climbing up small towers with cannons and waiting for a phantom dragon to pass by. To kill them, jump on top of them and hack away. This can be hard so don’t get frustrated. Also, pay attention to the Shadows as they will annoy the hell out of you.

Trouble Spots

7-2 and 7-3: Although Watts is a great helper in these segments, he’s useless if his machine takes even one good hit. Be sure to Panic any enemies that try and attack him. You will also be eating quite a lot of enemies so don’t be afraid to hide behind Watts and let his cannon do the talking. No Shadows here to harass you!

7-4: The Shadow-type enemies will once again appear to annoy you badly and they re-spawn indefinitely. Avoid them and make a run for the towers with cannons. They will materialize by the tower ladders so have that Guard button ready. Like with 5-4, shoot down any birds to keep them from shooting you down while you try and jump on a phantom dragon.

Boss: Thanatos Golem Generalissimo / Grim Golem Generalissimo

The golem general in its tank is weak only to Wisp, so this has to be conserved. There are three ways of causing damage and putting the tank to high Panic. The first is to use the land mines at certain locations of the area. Fling it at the tank or have the tank run over one will do.

The second is to use a giant version of the Pumpkin Bombs hanging from the top of the area. Switch to first-person mode and shoot one Pebble to make one drop. These work either by flinging or manually destroying the pumpkin. When manually destroyed, the pumpkin sends strong waves of energy in all cardinal directions.

The final one is to use the cannon’s gravity bullets against it. This is really risky as getting hit can seriously screw up Keldy and leave him wide open for cannon fire. The best way to exploit this is for the general to fire it while the tank is in water. The bullet will almost always move and hit the tank thanks to the water flow. If not, stand directly in the path of the tank and quickly attach-and-release it towards the tank.

The tank’s only dangerous attack is its main cannon. It is rarely used but once the general is near death, it gets spammed to no end. Getting hit by one can lead to another situation of physics-lock and an easy death for Keldy. The gatling gun is completely laughable.. Guard actually works on it.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

– basic attack pattern is replaced with his crazy-fire attack pattern.

– Gatling gun attacks can now penetrate through Guard and deal damage.

– Main cannon attack is spammed to no end with crazy-fire pattern.

– Gravity cannon attack is rarely used to fire gravity bullets.

– goes into an even crazier state when near death: never stops firing the main cannon until you die(physics-lock) or move far away.

Cheese method

It’s best to not use Wisp unless you absolutely need it. With the three means of inducing Panic, start off with any gravity bullets fired. Once he gets hit by one, quickly send a land mine at him and destroy it to keep him in Panic. Next, shoot down one of the giant pumpkins with a single Pebble and destroy it by Generalissimo with Pebbles. This process almost always puts his Panic to 90-99 even on ULTIMATE.

Cast Power Up and do diving slashes(deals the most damage) by his head. Once he’s almost out of Panic, repeat the process. If none of the land mines or giant pumpkin bombs are nearby, use Wisp to lengthen his Panic count. The land mines regenerate after some time, but it’s best to beat him while he is still in Panic.

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