Dawn of Mana - Game Guide - Chapter 8 Part 1

The Great Tree – Part 1

I highly recommend having the mid-level HP/MP/ATK boosting Ribbons unlocked. It will REALLY save your life in the initial segment. Enemies here are purely Thanatos-class and they are the strongest. Furthermore, they have stronger resistance to Mono, have low Panic counts, and are overall not fun to fight. Anyways, onto the show!

First segment: REALLY dangerous if you do not have the said Ribbons. The area is populated by Thanatos Lorimar goons and they will unload a hellish amount of damage if a mob swarms Keldy. Play it safe and carefully pick them off one-by-one. Make your way to the caste entrance and try not to waste your MP. Don’t expect much stat boosting medals since enemies rarely drop them and the boosts are laughable at + 1 or 2.

The toughest part to get through are two forced fights: one with heavy-armor golems and really strong Shadows. For the golems, use a lancer to weaken and Panic them. Have the lancer hit the golems until it dies and you should be able to finish the fight off. For the Shadows, be very careful and only attack on their sides.. frontal attacks are met with a nasty counter. Guard is a must. Heal Light is a must to survive these fights and if you don’t have it, you’re as good as dead.

Second segment: There are three ways to get to the next part. Each needs a key so beat up enemies nearby until you nab one. Eventually, you’ll be in an area with small rooms and chained doors. Hit the chained levers to move in each room and you’ll eventually reach the end. There are portals that transport you to an alternate world with Shadows or other uglies that must be cleared. Destroy Thanatos generators and the enemies to clear them.

Third segment: Rather straightforward, fall down to the very bottom floor where you need to slay Gazer enemies. They are immune to any damage unless in Panic or are stunned. Use whip rotation(Level 2) to stun and attack. You can use Ice Saber to Freeze one and that will render their defenses useless.

Fourth segment: It’s a one-way ticket ahead. Fight enemies and raise your stats for…

Trouble Spots

8-1: You need Healing Light, plain and simple. You won’t get very far without it. Another way to get past the Shadow forced fight is to Panic then use Undine ammo on it. Attack it while it’s frozen to kill it or deal huge damage. And do remember to ALWAYS attack one from the side to avoid a counter and being Poisoned.

8-2: Carefully pick your fights and try to back yourself in a corner so none of the new Shadows can materialize from behind for a devastating sneak attack. Whenever you enter a portal, which often blocks the path ahead, the objective normally is to destroy the Thanatos devices and/or kill all enemies. The new Shadows occupy these dimensions so be careful not to let them hit you much.

Boss – Mavolia Keeper: Thanatos Stroud / Grim Stroud

1st form. A joke. Stroud has no defense this time to Mono objects so fling anything and hack away. The objects also regenerate as to makes this battle go by faster.

2nd form. Not a joke and hard. He’s got an absurd amount of defense that can only be lowered by destroying the 4 Mana flowers hanging high. Deal enough damage so he can unlock one of them to be destroyed. Each one will also lower his life and leave him vulnerable. He’ll eventually use celestial gates, which deals an insane amount of damage. This is nearly impossible to dodge so don’t bother trying.. just use Heal Light. Stroud has no weakness but Wisp does a good amount of damage to him.

Ultimate Mode Boss Changes

1st form:

– all attacks are done thrice in one attack animation.

– nothing else changes…

2nd form:

– … because there are NO items in this fight this time around.

– summons just about all of the strongest Thanatos creatures in large numbers.

– attack patterns come faster and mixes in his various Thanatos gravity attacks.

– Celestial gates is fired much earlier and it is a guaranteed kill if Keldy is remotely weakened.

Cheese method

1st form: Toss anything, combo, and repeat until he dies.

2nd form: Undine and Salamander work as well as Wisp, but avoid using it too much. While he’s launching wind blades, fire Pebbles at him. If he’s using his gravity pull attack(where Keldy is drawn close to him), attack him normally. When destroying the Mana flowers, always finish it off when he is close to maximize damage opportunities whil he is in Panic.

Once all flowers have been destroyed, you’ll need to be careful around his celestial gates. If you use the flower devices at the right time, you can dodge the attack successfully. Repeat with Pebbles and alternate between Undine and Salamander if you’re out of Wisp ammo. Full Tilt is highly recommended to finish the battle. On ULTIMATE, be very careful that none of the summoned enemies are nearby to interrupt your attacks. Don’t use Full Tilt unless you have him at less than 1/4 of his life bar(125 HP). Save it for Healing Light since you have no recovery items in the area to assist you.

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