Dawn of Mana - Game Hints

How to fully Panic enemies(1):

Most heavy Mono objects tend to cause shockwaves that will cause Panic. What you do is attach-and-release them on, say, a nearby wall with enemies in place so the Panic stacks. Easiest to do with special Mono objects like giant pillars.

How to fully Panic enemies(2):

The Gnome ammo is special as it acts as a magnet to draw enemies close. The real deal is that it strikes multiple times, allowing for the Panic count to really skyrocket. It can also draw in other objects as well, which can unintentionally put enemies in full Panic for you.

How to fully Panic enemies(3):

While this isn’t as effective as the above two, it still works as a good source of damage. Simply said, attach onto an enemy and whip fling them along with a mob of enemies(Keldy must be at Level 3 or higher). This will cause the Havok physics to start going wild and hard to control, but this is where another technique comes in handy. Once the attached victim becomes light as paper, use whip rotation (Keldy at Level 2) to control the momentum. Repeat to either kill off enemies or put them to full Panic.

Burn and Freeze are your best status friends:

Of all the status effects that can be inflicted, Burn and Freeze are the most effective. When someone is in Burn, they not only cannot act but take constant damage from the fires. When someone is in Freeze, their defense drops to 0 and they are completely immobilized for a period of time. Also, as Keldy can use Flame and Ice Saber, this only supports the point that these two are the best status anomalies that can be inflicted.

Never underestimate the power of the Pebble:

While the Pebble is easily the weakest ammo for Keldy, don’t count it out for its uses yet. By the end of the game, there are so many enemies that resist sword damage. If they are not in Panic, you can sure bet that nothing will scratch these enemies. Pebbles, however, will continue to work in this case. Also, on ULTIMATE mode, Pebbles is the best weapon of choice for a particular boss fight so it’s not exactly wasted.

More details on our friendly Shadow

High level Thanatos-class enemies that show up past Chapter 4. Always noticeable by their phantom-like appearance, these are almost always the most dangerous enemies. They move slow, don’t appear to attack, and take their time in acting. So why are they dangerous enemies or something worth noting?

First, the damage they deal with their attacks is not something to laugh at. Second, they love to show up almost everywhere after Chapter 4 to harass you apart from attempting to kill you. Third, their attacks cannot be interrupted and come out with virtually no start-up time. Fourth, they have a nasty tendency to recede into the background and materialize for sneak attacks. Fifth, their attacks also induce status effects and if you are induced with one, they often don’t stop attacking you.

Worth the trouble fighting? Nope. Shadow-type enemies do not drop stat boosters unless they are in full Panic or one of the first few enemies fought. They are highly resistant to Mono objects and their Panic counts are low to begin with. These demons have no real weaknesses and are quite durable to boot. Given the high frequency they appear, it’s best to avoid them unless it’s a forced fight.