Dawn of Mana - Hexorbs

Hexorbs are essentially just magical pebbles gifted to you by your friends the
elemental spirits, and you’ll fire them using your slingshot. You can
find these lying around the environments as you play, and you’ll want to pick
up all of them that you find. They’re not only supremely helpful when it
comes time to face a boss, they also work wonders for panicking enemies and
getting them crowned.

Dryad Hexorb

Dryad’s hexorbs will put enemies to sleep and sometimes cause them to panic.
These can really help get you out of a jam, and are easy to use often.


Gnome Hexorb

Gnome uses the magnetic power of the earth to magnetize his hexorbs, and these
are easily the most coveted hexorbs you’ll find. Use them with care, but don’t
pass up the perfect opportunity when you see it. Enemies and objects that are
too close to the orb’s blast when you fire it will get sucked toward its
center, usually clobbering the heck out of each other in the process. Used in
the right circumstances it’s all but guaranteed to get you a few crowns with
a single shot, or at least bump several guys up into the higher panic levels,
and you’ll often see lesser enemies beaten out of play before they know what
hit them. The damage can be significant, so Gnome tends to work well against
bosses. Almost always causes considerable panic in single targets.


Jinn Hexorb

This windy little guy’s hexorbs are somewhat the opposite of Gnome’s. Instead
of sucking everything around them IN, they push everything around them OUT and
send it flying. If you’ve got some enemies nearby a huge pile of rubble, a
well placed Jinn orb or two can really scatter the debris and get you some
crowns, and they’re also very handy if you’re getting overwhelmed by tightly
packed enemies.


Luna Hexorb

Luna is one of the less generally useful hexorbs, and the moon spirit’s power
won’t cause any panic for you. Instead, it confuses monsters and turns them
on each other, which can be very handy if you find that you’re outmatched.
Pop a cloud of moondust over a group of enemies and you’ll quickly find that
they’ll have softened each other enough for you to waltz in and win. Makes a
good getaway tool, too!


Salamander Hexorb

Salamander’s spicy little hexorbs are more than just a flash in the pan, as
you’ll find they’re supremely useful right through to the end of the game.
They don’t cause tons of damage, but enemies will get thoroughly panicked and
will catch on fire. Flaming enemies can even run into other enemies and set
THEM ablaze, so if used at the right opportunity, Salamander’s orbs can create
some real chaos.


Shade Hexorb

This dark spirit’s hexorbs cause poison status in enemies, draining their HP
slowly for around 10 seconds or so. Causes mild panic, making it a useful
getaway tool as well as a softening tool.


Undine Hexorb

Undine’s hexorbs freeze enemies and can transfer that frozen status much the
same way Salamander’s hexorbs can. Works beautifully for clustered monsters,
and frequently works against big single targets. Causes a lot of panic and
has a tendency to be handy in boss fights.