Dawn of Mana - Magic

Magic in the game is performed by Faye, who accompanies Keldy. The higher Faye’s level during a stage, the more spells available for use. Her level is increased by collecting MP Medals, and she requires 40 to advance to the next level. So:

Level Requirement
Level 1 Initial condition
Level 2 40+ MP Medals
Level 3 80+ MP Medals
Level 4 120+ MP Medals

The following table describes the requirements and effects of each spell.

Name Faye Level Req MP Effect
Power Up LV1 20 Temporary attack boost, increases damage to enemies
Aegis LV1 20 Temporary defence boost, reduces damage from enemies
Purify LV2 10 Cures status ailments
Healing Light LV2 20 Recovers HP
Full Tilt LV3 40 Use [square] to perform Hyper Attack
Frozen Saber LV4 30 Turns enemies into snowmen when panicked
Flaming Saber LV4 30 Sets fire to enemies when panicked