Dawn of Mana - Status Ailments

As with pretty much every game in the series, there are a number of Status Ailments that can be inflicted upon enemies in different manners (such as using Saber Magic or elemental slingshot ammo).

Name Effect
Poison HP slowly decreases
Petrified Turns to stone, unable to move or attack. While in this state, damage received is reduced to 1, but total HP is halved upon petrification.
Paralysis Unable to move.
Sleep Unable to move or take actions, wakes up upon being ettacked.
Snowman Turns into a snowman and becomes unable to move. If on a hill will slid downward by itself.
Burning Engulfed in flames, unable to stand still, HP decreases gradually.
Darkness Range of vision decreases so only nearby enemies can be seen. Radar is disabled.
Confusion Directional commands are reversed.
Panic Becomes totally defenseless to attack strength. Only affects monsters.