Echoes of Mana

Title Echoes of Mana

When all was lost of this world a dream took root.
To rise up and defy all fate.
Guided by the voice of the Mana Goddess…
In search of the lost sword of legend that will return the world to order.
Set out on a journey to piece together the echoes of mana.


Developer WFS
Publisher Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Genre Free-to-play, Action RPG
Players 1-3
Platform iOS, Android
WW 2022

Echoes of Mana is a mobile free-to-play action RPG game, announced during the June 27th, 2021 Mana Series 30th Anniversary stream. Echoes of Mana will release sometime in 2022. Square Enix recruited Japanese players for a closed beta running from November 16th to November 24th.

Under the Mana Tree, all lore and legends shall gather.