Echoes of Mana - Characters

Mainline Series Characters

Adventures of Mana


Fuji! I’m here to save you!

Captured and enslaved after a failed attempt to infiltrate Glaive Castle and slay the Dark Lord, this hero is forced to fight for his life on the blood sands. However, at the death of fellow gladiator Willy, Sumo swears revenge and begins plotting a daring escape.


Tell my brother… I loved him!

Another gladiator forced into the service of Glaive, this strong-willed young woman is a formidable warrior, adept at healing certain status effects and deadly with her weapon of choice―the throwing knife. Amanda loves her younger brother, Lester, whom she has raised on her own since they were children.

Dark Lord

You will tell my secrets to no one!

Ruthless and cunning, it is rumored the Dark Lord slew his own father to hasten his rise to the throne. Now, seeking to tighten his deadly grip upon the realm, the tyrant has set in motion a grand scheme to locate the legendary Tree of Mana and tap its power.


You are too late, boy. The power of Mana is mine.

Well-versed in Mana lore, the archmage of Glaive has been placed in charge of the Dark Lord’s search for the tree of legend. Yet of his background or his true motives, little is known.

Secret of Mana


The Mana Tribe, huh… I’ve got big shoes to fill, but I’ll protect the world like my mother and father!

The hero of Secret of Mana. Randi is a young boy who grows to possess immense courage. Treated as an outsider in Potos, he discovers the Mana Sword and sets forth on a quest to learn how to harness Mana.


My dad is infuriating! I’m in charge of my life, not him!

A young noblewoman from Pandora. After saving Randi, she joins him on his journey to restore the power of Mana. She’s also on her own quest to save Dyluck.


Don’t worry, I’m coming along. We’ll get this job done in no time!

A mischievous and caring sprite. Popoi suffers from amnesia, but joins Randi and Primm on their quest in the hope of restoring their lost memories.


Fools! Feat your eyes upon the poewr of the Mana Fortress!

A dark sorcerer entrusted by Emperor Vandole to help him claim the Mana Fortress. Thanatos performs terrifying magic in his pure spiritual form of the Dark Lich. However, Thanatos has a cunning plan of his own.

Trials of Mana


This isn’t over, Crimson Wizard! You ain’t gettin’ away this time!

Duran is a proud young soldier from Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains. Though he comes across as hot-headed and ready for a fight, the whole kingdom acknowledges his skill with a blade. Duran has nothing but love for his kingdom and respect for the Hero King, a good friend of his departed father, Loki the Golden Knight.


I can be better than myself! This is my chance!

The daughter of the True Queen of Altena. Because her mother hardly spent time with her, this princess would act out for attention, playing pranks on people in the castle.


King! I will not lose! Not to you!

Kevin is heir to the throne of Ferolia. His father is the king of the beastmen, but his missing mother was a human woman. He is unused to conversing with humans, which can make him hard to understand at times. The ice around the young boy’s heart only began to melt after making friends with Karl the wolf pup.


This is a piece of cake! Weave it to me!

Charlotte is the granddaughter of Wendel’s Priest of Light. She looks much younger than she is thanks to the elfin blood in her veins. Perhaps because of this, she has always been coddled by the people who raised her in the temple. Charlotte’s bright and outgoing personality can be both an asset and a hindrance.


Hah… I can practically smell the treasure from here. Let’s go!

Hawkeye hails from the desert fortress of Nevarl, home to a guild of noble thieves. He was raised as the orphaned ward of Flamekhan, the leader, together with Flamekhan’s own children, Eagle and Jessica. Hawkeye comes across as a laid-back and charming young man, making it hard to tell when he’s being serious. But at his core, Hawkeye is a fiercely loyal friend.


Let us go… and take back Faerie and Elliot!

Riesz is the young princess of the mountainous kingdom of Laurent and captain of the renowned Amazon guard. She has a will of iron and down-to-earth manner. Though some might call her stubborn, Riesz is always there to lend a hand to those who need it. Her topmost priorities are her father, brother, and kingdom.

Dawn of Mana


I’ll try. I don’t have anything to lose!

A boy who lives in a village at the foot an ancient sacred tree on the island of Illusia. Keldric, whose nickname is “Keldy,” can be stubborn at times and a little wild, but his positive outlook and sincere honesty have earned him the trust of his fellow villagers. By a strange fate, the sacred tree’s seed was planted into his arm, and with the blade born from that seed, he hurls himself into battle to save the world.


I know you can do it, Keldy. You wouldn’t abandon Ritzia.

A childhood friend of Keldric and Ritzia, Lekius guards their village of Tree Folk. He goes by the nickname “Lek” and is rumored to be the single most masterful archer amongst the guardians.

Side Series Characters

Legend of Mana


I’m back!

A human on an adventure through the world of Fa’Diel. Although he doesn’t have much of a background to speak of, he often finds himself caught up in the affairs of the various people he encounters in his travels.


I’m back!

A human on an adventure through the world of Fa’Diel. Although she doesn’t have much of a background to speak of, she often finds herself caught up in the affairs of the various people she encounters in her travels.


I’m the wandering Niccolo, peddler of smiles!

A merchant who has traveled city to city peddling wares for generations. His “money-crazy” dealings have led to more than a few unsatisfied customers. Niccolo isn’t very fond of sproutlings or flowerlings. As for faeries, he might dislike them as well—if he could see them, that is.


I am the dragoon Sierra! By order of my master, I have come to stop you!

A dragoon beauty in pursuit of her younger brother Larc, Sierra is a beast-warrior who is harsh on both herself and others. Although she once lost her life in battle, she was revived by the dragon Vadise who was struck by her bravery. Sierra has served her dragon master ever since in repayment of her kindness.

Children of Mana


Destroy the world…? Not on my watch!

A young boy from Wendell, the land of green. Ferrik tackles obstacles with his spirited, up-front attitude, despite having lost his family to the calamity 10 years earlier. His admiration for the unknown knight who saved him has fueled his efforts in sword mastery.


My memories of my family are just too precious to lose!

Belonging to the Niccolo tribe and hailing from Wendell, his passion to roam takes priority in his heart over his tribe’s merchant traditions. So he’s a bit of an oddity to his people.

Echoes of Mana Characters

Original Characters


A young boy tasked with harvesting the fruits of the Mana Tree. After awakening in the sanctuary with no recollection of his past, Quilto is guided by the Mana Goddess as he journeys through the echoes of worlds that once were. He can be easily spotted by his wild hair, tied clumsily back with woven cloth.


A young girl tasked with harvesting the fruits of the Mana Tree. After awakening in the sanctuary with no recollection of her past, Quilta is guided by the Mana Goddess as she journeys through the echoes of worlds that once were. She can be easily spotted by her pigtails, uniquely bound with woven cloth.


Helping people in need is what knights do, after all!

This bubbly young girl in Pinzton trains daily with her halberd in the hopes of becoming a real-life, fairy-tale knight. Duffle’s personality shines through in her battle style—fearless to jump into the fray and eager to ally with everyone she meets.


If you ever need us … call on us. We’re always here to help.

Hailing from a long line of sorcerers, Honeycomb is an earnest young boy in Pinzton devoted to the study of magic. He wishes he could put his magic to the test and shares Duffle’s excitement for the legendary mana swordsman’s tale, but he’s too stubborn to admit it.


That’s right! Just leave everything to me. I will help you search for the Mana Sword and much more.

Appointed by the Mana Goddess, this fluffy lifeform is ready and eager to guide his human through the journey. Although he can be a bit hasty and arrogant, it seems he’s not quite the know-it-all he claims to be.


I’m on a journey to find my people. In your travels, have you ever encountered anyone like me?

A young, mild-mannered member of the wolffolk journeying in search of his pack. His soft-hearted ways tend to get him off track, as he often strays to help others. Despite his best efforts, Blainchet is easy to read since a flick of his ears and tail give him away.


Monsters aren’t the only thing you should be afraid of, kiddos. Raxa here is gettin’hungry, and brats are on the menu!

This young, scorpionic outlaw spends her days wandering along and doing what she pleases. Helped by rumors of her venomous nature and rare existence, most folks fear an encounter with Raxa, which gives her some amusement.


I’m Mousseline. Nice to meet you.

A bewitching faerie whose capricious nature makes her lose interest easily. Her general apathy is pronounced in the blasé tone of her voice. She possesses remarkable magic power, but she can’t be bothered to show it off. Don’t ask Mousseline her age as she herself is not even sure.

Ebon Knight

… You shall not have the Mana Sword.

A mysterious enemy that always seems to appear when least expected. His reasons for thwarting the search for the Mana Sword as well as his true identity are still a secret.

Adapted Characters

Lady Moti

Come again soon …

Known in Pinztown as being a merchant of few words, Lady Moti belongs to the clan of the same name who has businesses throughout the land. When she’s not dancing behind the shop counter, you may find her cooking up her specialty mutton dopiaza dish.


Uffda! Kids these days, I tell ya. Could knock’em over with a summer breeze! You sure you’re eating enough, there?

This seasoned blacksmith has quite a few decades of experience under his belt, no matter how young he may appear. Due to thick skin formed from years of honing his craft, he could pluck up a hot iron barehanded with an easy grin.


But if yous guys need anythin’, gimme a shout.’Cause when it comes to goods and services, I got you wicked covered. Nyahaha!

A sly-grinning traveling merchant who’s not above a bit of swindling, he often dupes naive customers with his slick talk. He does, however, draw the line at loyal customers and insists he treats them fairly. The Moti clan, being the gullible people they are, often fall for his trickery.

Mana Goddess

You are my last hope.

The alter ego of the Mana Tree that serves as the source of life. She seeks the Mana Sword in order to restore the world that has been lost.