Fan Creations

On this page you can find different fan submissions to Seikens. If you have some art, a story or something else you would like to submit to the site please contact us using the Contact Page!

Site Stuff

April Fool’s Pranks

Here you can find the various April Fool’s Day pranks played by the admins on the site.

12 Days of Christmas – Seikens Style

Kassidy and Sheexy created the song and Kassidy made the images for this special Christmas update for the site. Inside you can find all the pictures, lyrics and some commentary by Kassidy, Sheexy and special guest Faalstar.


Seiken Densetsu Remixes

In this section on the site you can find many Seiken Densetsu tracks that have been remixed by fans.




In this section of the gallery you can find fan art that has been given to Seikens.



In this section of the gallery you can find cosplaying pictures that have been collected by Seikens.

Sheexy's Halloween Special

Sheexy’s Halloween Special

For October 2007 Sheexy made a bunch of sketches for “Monster Month” to celebrate Halloween.