Final Fantasy Adventure - Characters

The Hero

The courageous hero was imprisoned into slavery as a warrior by Julius for sneaking into the Castle Glaive to discover Dark Lord’s evil plans. After the loss of his friend Willy he sets off to stop Dark Lord and Julius’ evil intentions.


Though dying a few minutes into the game Willy is the reason the hero sets off on his journey. Willy, the hero’s best friend, had also been trying to spy on Dark Lord when he was captured and enslaved. Willy kept secretly investigating Dark Lord even after he was captured, and after he made some discoveries on his intentions he was killed, but not before passing his knowledge onto the hero.

Dark Lord

Dark Lord is the evil leader of the Glaive Empire and is set out to dominate the entire world by controlling the power of Mana. A cruel leader, Dark Lord sentences all of his captives to fight for his amusement.


Dark Lord’s evil sorceror companion. Julius is a very mysterious man who knows a lot about the power of Mana and the pendant. Julius appears to be aiding Dark Lord in his quest to control the world…

The Girl — Companion

A member of the Mana Tribe, the girl holds the pendant which is the key to Dark Lord’s plans. Not long into his journey the hero meets up with the girl and they discover their entwined fates. As a companion on his journey the girl can heal his HP over time when asked to.

Bogard — Companion

A strange old man who was formerly a Gemma Knight, Bogard knows all about what Dark Lord is up to and what to do to stop him. Bogard is a grumpy old character who is dead set on setting things right in the land. As a companion he attacks with his sword and can explain to the hero how to use his MAX attack.


A mysterious owner of an inn… word around is he might be a vampire…

Man — Companion

A mysterious man who offers the hero help on his journey. As a companion to the hero he attacks with fireballs and can explain the use of mattocks if the hero asks.


A wise old man, and an old friend of Bogard’s who lives in Wendel. Cibba is probably the most knowledgable man in the world when it comes to the power of Mana and so he aids the hero and his friends many times in their quest.

Watts — Companion

Watts is a dwarf who possesses amazing forging skills. The hero must seek him out to obtain silver armor to pass through Gaia. As a companion to the hero Watts attacks with his axe and can sell items to the hero if he asks.

Amanda — Companion

Amanda is one of the hero’s friends from when he was imprisoned by Dark Lord. Her brother has been turned into a bird by the sorceror Davias and she will do anything to help him. As a companion to the hero she attacks with her throwing knives and can cure the hero from petrification when asked.


Davias is an evil sorcerer out for his own gain. He has the ability to turn people into birds. Little is known about this man.

Lester — Companion

Amanda’s brother who was turned into a bird. Lester is a great minstrel and his music has magical powers which can dispel evil miasma. As a companion to the hero Lester uses a spear to attack and can change the music of dungeons if the hero asks.

Chocobo/Chocobot — Companion

The chocobo is a giant bird which the hero discovers as an egg. When it hatches it looks up to the hero as its mother and will follow him anywhere as long as it isn’t a cave or somewhere extremely cold. The hero can ask the bird for a ride and move much faster as well as avoid enemies. Later in the game the bird becomes injured and has its legs rebuilt to become the Chocobot, at this point it can run on water after leaving a dock.


Professor Bomb is a great inventor who fixes the Chocobo’s legs once they break. He knows a lot about Dime Tower and is a good friend to Bogard.

Marcie — Companion

Marcie is a robot built by Professor Bomb to explore the ruins of Dime Tower. Also known as the “Mummy Seeker”, he aids the hero in finding his way through the great building. Marcie fends off enemies with her laser beams and can heal the hero’s MP if he asks.