Final Fantasy Adventure - Items

Name Buy/Sell Description
Amanda’s Tear Get from Amanda Cures Lester
Bone Key Get from Cibba Used in FloatRocks
Bronze Key Get from Lizardmen Opens Marsh Cave
Candy 0/2 Recovers 8 HP
Crystal 0/500 Fills will bar
Cure 40/20 Recovers 30 HP
Elixir 0/320 Recovers all HP and MP
Ether 320/160 Recovers 10 MP
EyeDrp 60/30 Cures Dark
Fang 0/14 Trade in Jadd (See Jadd Desert section)
Gold 0/750 Sell for gold
Key 15/4 Opens a locked door
Mattock 60/4 Can break down walls/objects
Mirror Get in Marsh Cave Used in Kett’s Inn
Moogle 120/60 Does nothing
Nectar 0/250 Temporarily increases power
Oil 500/250 Used in Mine
Opal 0/1750 Sell for gold
Pendant Get from Girl
Pure 30/15 Cures Poison
Ruby 0/100 Sell for gold
Silver Get in Mine Watts uses to make stuff
Soft 90/45 Cures STON
Stamina 0/39 Temporarily increases stamina
Unicorn 0/150 Heals effects (except Moogle)
X-cure 160/80 Recovers 100 HP
X-Ether 640/320 Recovers 15 MP

NOTE: You should always carry around many Keys and Mattocks or you will get stuck!