Heroes of Mana

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Long long ago there was a tale that was much older than the birth of the Mana Goddess itself. It tells of one witch who brought Darkness upon the world in a distant dimension. Her name was Anith.

Anith was later defeated by the Guardians of the Tree, but her spell of Darkness managed to travel through to many other dimensions, descending upon the worlds.

Following on, another legend is told…

When the world was once engulfed in Darkness, the Mana Goddess managed to defeat the Sacred Beast who was born to lead the world to its doom. With the aid of the Mana Sword, she sealed them in 8 keystones. Thus, it was so that Darkness was banished and the world was created anew. Afterwards, the Mana Goddess changed into a great ancient tree and settling herself in a sacred place that no one knows of, she continues to watch over the world together with the Mana Sword.

Now many years later the world has settled down in peace but, the terrifying shadow of Darkness descends.

In the old town of Peddan in the southern seas Darkness was ready to tear its cold claws through the peaceful slumber of the world.



Developer Brownie Brown
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Real-time Strategy
Players 1-2
Platform Nintendo DS
JP 8 Mar 2007
US 14 Aug 2007
EU 14 Sep 2007

Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana is the second game from Square-Enix’s Seiken Densetsu series on the Nintendo DS, and is developed by the company Brownie Brown, partly comprised of several former Square-Enix employees who worked on Seiken Densetsu 3.

The game is set 19 years before the events of Seiken Densetsu 3, a game which was never released outside Japan, although a very complete and excellent fan translation did do the round on the web. As such, there are several characters in HoM that are either related to characters and events in SD3, or who appear as NPCs in the aforementioned predeceasing sequel (anyone else notice that strange tremor in the force?).

The nature of the game is that of a Real Time Strategy game, the same genre as worldwide PC successes Warcraft (the original, not “World of”), Starcraft and Command & Conquer. There are a few differences, which will be detailed later in the guide.

The game is heavily touch-screen based (to the point where buttons are rarely used), so have your screen protectors ready (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as Lost Magic in that respect… I still have the mark of several consecutive Fire Runes on my screen guard).