Heroes of Mana - Memo - Keywords

Throughout the game, as events are unlocked, the Record/Encyclopedia will keep a track of places or key notes of interest that you may want to refer to later. They help explain some of the backstory for Heroes of Mana.

01. Mana

The source of all things. Everything, living or inanimate, is made from Mana. What is born of Mana will someday return to Mana. Mana is the element that comprises and flows around the world.

02. Mana Tree

The tree that is said to be a metamorphosis of the Mana Goddess. Legend has it that it silently watches over the world from Sanctuary.

03. Mana Goddess

The creator of Fa’Diel who now inhabits the Mana Tree. In ancient times, she used the Sword of Mana to defeat the benevodons who wreaked havoc on the world, then sealed them into eight stones. She then metamorphosed into the Mana Tree, and has since watched over the world from Sanctuary.

04. Sanctuary of Mana

A forbidden and sacred place where the Mana Tree is said to reside. It is told that the place exists nowhere, yet everywhere, in the world.

05. Anise

A great witch who brought darkness upon the ancient world, long before the Mana Goddess was born. She was defeated by the Guardians of the Tree, but her curse is said to live on, seeping through multiple realms and spreading to other worlds.

06. Fa’Diel

The world in which this adventure takes place. The land of Fa’Diel is said to have been created by the Mana Goddess.

07. Humans

The most populous race inhabiting the world of Fa’Diel.

08. Beastmen

One of the races of Fa’Diel, but limited to Ferolia. So named by humans, Beastmen had long ago been treated with contempt and driven away to remote regions of he land. Tales live on about the turning into wild beasts at night.

09. Pedda

An island kingdom in the southern sea. Lacking diplomatic relations with other countries, the nation of Pedda is widely perceived as an enigma. The people have a highly developed culture of their own, and are rumored to possess knowledge of strange sorcery. Having changed little over hundreds of years without outside influence, Pedda is otherwise known as the Ancient Kingdom.

10. Ferolia

The land of the Beastmen that has been blessed by the moon. Morning never comes upon this land; it is permanently enveloped by the darkness of night.

11. Splendere

A large-class Peddan air carrier intended primarily for transportation. Built large fr mass transport, its maneuverability is rather limited. The improved Splendere Mark II is primarily used now.

12. Nightswan

A mid-class Peddan air carrier. As the only existing prototype, the nightswan is one of a kind. Facilities to summon units can be built inside. Formerly the property of the Peddan military, it is now the trusty carrier for Roget and crew.

13. Eagle Ship

A series of air carriers used by the Beastmen. Built primarily for transportation, it is not necessarily suited for combat, but its exceptional maneuverability lends itself well for use in surprise attacks.

14. Vel Vimana

The latest destroyer-class Peddan warship, unsurpassed in its maneuverability, firepower, and ability to deploy troops. Designed and built by the island kingdom primarily for invading coutries in distant lands.

15. Gaia

A giant geological lifeform that produces Gaia’s stones. It is told that a matrix Gaia exists somewhere in the world, but this is as yet unconfirmed.

16. Treant

A botanical lifeform that produces Treant’s berries. It is told that a matrix Treant exists somewhere in the world, but this is as yet unconfirmed.

17. Duskmoon Forest

A forest where dawn never breaks and the thick mist never clears.

18. Lowenburg

The capital of Ferolia from which Gauser, King of the beastmen, rules. Peddan forces had taken over the castle as a foothold in their invasion strategy, but it was liberated by the intercontinental alliance. The defeated Peddan troops pulled back, but Esina’s mirror was left in place. It seems to be protected by unknown forces, making any attempt to remove it impossible.

19. Operation Psi

The plan to conceive a new world by using people’s negative emotions as a dark energy, collected by Anise’s mirror.

20. Anise’s Mirror

What had become known as Esina’s mirror was in fact Anise’s mirror. The name “Anise” was incorrectly read in the mirror as “Esina” by the world of Fa’Diel. The fire mirrors of the land absorbed negative emotions from its people, channelling them into the real mirror. now Anise’s mirror holds within it enough power to destroy the world.

21. Mintas

A farming village which was mainly inhabited by the more docile Beastmen. It was burned down by Peddan troops and is now in ruins. The surviving villagers are taking refuge in Wendel.

22. Wendel

A permanent neutral state governed by the Priest of Light and the Oracle of Shadows. The sign and the injured from many parts of the world gather seeking the grace of the Mana Goddess.

23. Laurent

A country situated on a mountainside of the Celestial Peak. Laurent was believed to be impregnable thanks to its Amazons and raging winds, but has now fallen into the hands of the Peddan-Nevarlan alliance. The second of Esina’s mirrors has been placed here.

24. Nevarl

A country with a fortress in the middle of the desert. Originally a band of thieves, the Nevarlans were led by Olbex. After his death, they are now led by Flamekhan, Falcon’s father. Their extreme discipline forgives traitors only through death.

25. Burning Sands

A desert in which a Mana Stone is buried. It is said that if you are caught in the constantly swirling quicksand, you will never see the sun again.

26. Spirits

Keepers of the Mana Stones, the spirits rile the eight elements of the world: the moon, fire, water, wood, wind, earth, light, and shadow. The company of an elemental spirit enables one to use magic.

27. Magic

Extraordinary skills enabled by the powers of the spirits and the Mana Goddess.

28. Benevodons

Monsters that would destroy the world someday, sealed in Mana Stones by the Mana Goddess in ancient times. Though it is not yet their time to awaken, they find the presence of Esina’s mirrors disturbing, and decide to lend their powers so Roget and party might put an end to the threat.

29. Mana Stones

Benevodons were sealed into these stones by the Mana Goddess. Spirits keep guard of all eight benevodons.

30. Valsena

A country blessed with a mild climate and green fields. The people are known for their swordsmanship. Especially famous are the Silver Knights led by Loki, who is known as the Golden Knight himself.

31. Altena

The queen’s sorcery allows this kingdom to thrive in serenity within its domain, despite its frigid location. Rare magical powers are passed down through generations of the royal family.

32. Golden Road

The most well-known road in Valsena and a key point in transportation. The name could have come from the fact that so many merchants travel this road, or from the green fields that beautifully reflect the light from the setting sun.

33. Dragon Folk

Followers of the Dragon Lord, this race of giant, powerful dragons inhabits the Quon continent.

34. Molebear Moors

A plateau populated by monsters called molebears. One must use caution when walking the rugged, hole-covered terrain, or risk falling in. Some have hypothesized that the moors were formed by the molebears accumulating the dirt they dug up themselves.

35. Frostbite Fields

A land of extreme cold, with silver frost on snowfields as far as the eye can see. its roads lead to seashores covered in thin ice.

36. Shimmering Ruins

Ruins where the Mana Stones of light is hidden. Situated in the mountains after passing through the Cascade Caverns from Wendel.

37. Woods of Wandara

A deep forest where the Mana Stone of wood is hidden. Nobody dares to enter these woods.

38. Labyrinth of Ice

A frozen cave where the Mana Stone of water is hidden. A natural maze covered in perpetual ice.

39. Chartmoon Tower

A tall tower that is visible from anywhere in Duskmoon Forest. As the Mana Stone of the moon is hidden here, this is sacred ground for the Beastmen.

40. Gusthall

A mountain road where the Mana Stone of wind is hidden. The passage twists and turns through the treacherous mountains of Laurent.

41. Luzio Malis

A giant flying fortress controllable only by descendants of pure Altenish royal blood. The magic fortress is equipped with a powerful warp cannon, but it needs a tremendous amount of resources to function.

42. Celestial Peak

The tallest mountain in the world. it is said that the guardian spirit of the sky and mountains lives on its peak.

43. Beuca Sea

An ocean where Vuscavs, the mighty sea monsters, live. Their burial grounds are said to lie on the bottom of the sea.

44. Mana Tones of Shadow

A long-lost Mana Stone. According to Shade, the shadow spirit, a global war in ancient times caused its seal to be broken, unleashing Zable Fahr, the benevodons of total annihilation when the benevodon suddenly vanished for reasons unknown. It seems Zable Fahr has since become a Mana Stone in another realm, and though it still casts its shadow on this world, finding it seems virtually impossible.

45. Pedda

The royal capital of Pedda, the island kingdom in the sourthern sea. Isolated from the outside world, Pedda had developed its own perspective on civilization. Inath, the king of Pedda, ordered cannons on the Vel Vimana to be fired at the capital, reducing it to ruins.

46. Jungle of Visions

A sprawling forest on the northeastern part of the Peddan island. A powerful spell permeates the woods, driving anyone who enters into confusion. A small tribe lives in the jungle, but even they have a difficult time navigating through the illusions.

47. Mirage Palace

A palace quietly nestled within Pedda’s Jungle of Visions. This is where the Mirage Bishop lives and performs rituals. Only select Peddanm royalty know about this place. Pedda’s unique sorcery has maintained its secrecy due to the fact that it may only be handed down within the palace walls.

48. Mirage Garden

A world inside the mirror. Fragments of mirage Palace have been swallowed unto the dark and chaotic world.

49. Sword of Mana

A legendary sword, also known as the Holy Sword of Mana. Symbolizing the ancient power that governs the spirits, it is the alternate form of the golden staff used by the Mana Goddess when creating the world. It was said to be lying dormant at the bottom of the Mana Tree.

50. Mirage Castle

A dark castle in the world inside the mirror. It was conjured by the Mirage Bishop through the powers of Anise’s mirror.

51. Anise’s Children

The populace’s negative emotions absorbed and materialized by the powers of Anise’s mirror.