Legend of Mana Card Duel

聖剣伝説 レジェンド オブ マナ カードデュエル
The Seiken Densetsu trading card game.

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Legend of Mana Card Duel Game Summary

Legend of Mana Card Duel starter decks and booster packs.
A starter deck and some booster packs.

Legend of Mana Card Duel is Square’s first collectible card game, created by indieszero, released Japan only on September 1st, 1999, two months after the main game, as a single 150 card set. Players could purchase 60-card “Starter Decks” for 1,500円 (~$13 in 1999), which came with a guaranteed Rare – Holofoil Hero card but were otherwise random (to a degree). Players could also increase their collection by purchasing 10-card “Booster Packs” for 333円 (~$3 in 1999, listed at 350円 MSRP including tax). Card art uses illustrations, sprites, and backgrounds from the main game. Cards also feature flavor text at the bottom taken from in-game encyclopedias.

Legend of Mana Card Duel Character card assortment.
An assortment of Character cards.

Legend of Mana Card Duel centered on the “land make” system from the main game. Players create their own decks, place Lands onto a map grid, and use Mana generated from them to play. The game is unique in that players use two decks: one for their player Character cards, and one for everything else. Various cards, such as NPC Support cards and Items, help players develop their side of the field and interfere with their opponent’s attempts to create their own map. Lands function as both resources and a playfield, but may also be used as Artifacts to cast powerful spells. Players on both side field Monsters on their Lands and player Characters, who do battle until one player reigns supreme. Monsters can be played face-up for a cost or face-down for free, resulting in a game of wits as players try to determine whether they can win a fight. The game has three main victory conditions: 1) destroy all of your opponent’s Characters, 2) complete your map, or 3) generate a certain amount of Mana.

Legend of Mana Card Duel Game Details

Below, you will find a link to the translated rules for Legend of Mana Card Duel. The next link includes various thoughts about deckbuilding, and also includes decklists for two sample decks. You will also find links to pages discussing booster packs and starter decks. For the remainder of the page, various other aspects of the game are briefly discussed along with a complete listing of cards and some various details about them. At the end, a few other collectibles related to the game are listed with gallery links following.

Rule Book


Booster Packs

Starter Decks

Card Types

Legend of Mana Card Duel normal card back.
Card backing for Artifact/Land, Monster, Support, and Item cards.

The 150 collectible cards are divided into five different card types. Artifact/Land, Monster, Support, and Item cards all share the same backing and belong to the Main Deck of 40-60 cards with no more than four copies of each card. Character cards, belonging to a Character Deck of eight cards with no duplicates, have a different backing.

Artifact/Land: 27cards. These cards can be played two different ways. Artifacts may be played during the main phase to activate an effect. Lands may be placed on the playing field in a 3×3 grid, one per turn, and generate Mana. The Lands influence each other in four directions, altering the amount of Mana you receive each turn. You win the game when you have nine Lands in play, or when you can generate 12 Mana.

Legend of Mana Card Duel Character card back.
Card backing for Character cards.

Monster: 40 cards. These cards are placed onto your Lands during the monster deployment phase. They may be placed face down for free, or face up for their cost. They may also be flipped face up for their cost. Monsters can invade your opponent’s Lands. Monsters have Strength and Defense values, which are altered based on Items and elements, for use in battle against Characters. Demihuman monsters have illustrated art on them, while Bosses display a single large sprite, and other Monsters display a variety of sprites in different poses.

Support: 40 cards. These cards feature NPCs from the game, and have a variety of different effects. They may be played during different phases depending on the card. Each Support card requires a certain amount of Mana as well as the existence of Lands of specific elements.

Character: 24 cards. Each player fields a party of three Character cards during gameplay (topped off during the start phase). These characters have Strength and Defense values, which are altered based on Synchro effects and Items. You lose the game when all characters are defeated. Several NPC characters appear as “playable” Character cards, despite not being playable in the main game.

Item: 19 cards (11 Weapons and 8 Magical Instruments). These cards are equipped to characters on the field. Each Item card has three different abilities which effect either Monsters or Characters. Weapons require a cost to be paid to activate their abilities, while Magical Instruments only require specific elements to be present.

Card #, Card Name, and Card Name (Japanese)

The “Card #” column displays the collector number for each card. The “Card Name” column displays my English translation of the “Card Name (Japanese)” column. For Artifact/Land cards, the Artifact name appears at the top of the card, and the Land name appears halfway down the card. Monster and Character cards simply list the name of whoever is depicted on the card, while Support card names represent a phrase or idea related to the displayed character. Item cards contain the name of a crafting material before the Weapon or Instrument name.

Element / Synchro

The “Element” column displays which element the card belongs to. Lands will generate Mana based on their element. The Postbox has no element, the Golden Seed can generate Light, Dark, Wood, and Gold Mana (the elements with the fewest lands), and the Sword of Mana can generate Mana from all eight elements. Monsters, Support, and Instrument Items typically have Mana costs related to their element. Character and Weapon Item cards do not have elements assigned to them. Some Characters have a “Synchro” mentioned in their text box that gives them bonus stats when certain other characters are present in the three Character party on the field. The Character card list below displays those combinations.


The “Rarity” column displays the rarity symbol assigned to each card. Rarity is broken down into four categories, as seen in the table below. On the actual cards, there is no difference between the Rare and Rare – Holofoil symbol.

Rarity Symbol Rarity Name Total Artifact/Land Monster Support Character Item
C Common 49* 12 14 13* 5 5
U Uncommon 51* 9 13 14* 8 7
R Rare 40 5 12 11 5 7
H Rare – Holofoil 10 1 1 2 6 0

* Despite being marked as an uncommon card, Flameshe’s Singing actually appears along with common cards. Considering this, the true counts of common and uncommon cards would be 50 each with 14 common Support cards and 13 uncommon Support cards.

Value Ratings

The “Valuable” columns on the tables below display my perceived value rating for each card. I have based these ratings around the number of cards I have in my collection, not on how useful they are in play. Since I have collected a relatively large number of cards and have been hunting them for nearly two decades, I believe I have a good understanding of how hard each card is to come by. I created this rating because I found the rarity listed on each card does not accurately reflect how rare they actually are. For example, you get four out of the five rare Lands in every starter deck, making them easier to obtain than the common Lands. As another example, the Hero is a Holofoil but appears in every starter deck making it quite common.
Semi-Valuable Semi-Valuable: I have a handful of these cards. I do not need more, but they are still relatively uncommon.
Valuable Valuable: I have few of these cards. I would consider obtaining more, but I already have a decent amount.
Very Valuable Very Valuable: I have barely any of these cards. I would love to obtain more. Please contact me if you have any of these!

Complete Legend of Mana Card Duel Listing

Artifacts / Lands

Card #   Card Name Card Name (Japanese) Element Rarity Valuable
001 Mailbox / Home ポスト / マイホーム C  
002 Junkyard / Broken Doll 壊れた人形 / ゴミ山  Fire U  
003 Flame / Gato Grottoes 炎 / 断崖の町ガト  Fire C  
004 Tome of Magic / Geo 魔導書 / 魔法都市ジオ Fire U  
005 The Flames 焔城 Fire R  
006 Jade Egg / Mekiv Caverns ヒスイの卵 / メキブの洞窟 Water C  
007 Torch of Coral / Madora Beach サンゴの燭台 / マドラ海岸 Water C  
008 Rusty Anchor / Polpota Harbor さびたイカリ / 港町ポルポタ Water C  
009 Pirate’s Hook / SS Buccaneer 海賊のカギ爪 / 海賊船バルド Water R  
010 Skull Lantern / Norn Peaks 骨のカンテラ / ノルン山脈 Earth U  
011 Bottled Spirit / Ulkan Mines 瓶詰の精霊 / ウルカン鉱山 Earth C  
012 Ancient Tablet / Mindas Ruins 数秘術の石板 / ミンダス遺跡 Earth U  
013 Medallion / Jungle  獣王のメダル / ジャングル Earth C  
014 Wheel / Luon Highway 車輪 / リュオン街道 Wind C  
015 Sand Rose / Duma Desert 砂バラ / デュマ砂漠 Wind C  
016 Moon’s Mirror / Tower of Leires 月読の鏡 / レイリスの塔 Wind U Semi-Valuable
017 Frozen Heart / Fieg Snowfields とけない心 / フィーグ雪原 Wind U Semi-Valuable
018 Firefly Lamp / Lumina 蛍袋のランプ / 月夜の町ロア Light C  
019 Stone Eye / Lake Kilma 石の目玉 / キルマ湖 Light C  
020 Trembling Spoon / Underworld 震える銀さじ / 奈落 Dark R  
021 Dragonbone / Bone Fortress 竜骨 / 骨の城 Dark U  
022 Brooch of Love / Lucemia 愛のブローチ / ルシェイメア Wood R  
023 Green Cane / White Forest 滴る緑の杖 / 白の森 Wood U  
024 Colorblocks / Domina 積み木の町 / ドミナの町  Gold C  
025 Jumi’s Staff / Bejeweled City 玉石の王杓 / 煌めきの都市 Gold R  
026 Golden Seed / Orchard 黄金の種 / 果樹園 Light Dark Wood Gold U  
027 Sword of Mana / Tree of Mana  マナの剣 / マナの聖域 All 8 Elements H Very Valuable


Card #   Card Name Card Name (Japanese) Element Rarity Valuable
028 Hitodama ゼーブル・ファー Fire R Very Valuable
029 Drakonis ティアマット Fire R Semi-Valuable
030 Beholder ボルダー Fire C  
031 Fierce Face デーモンヘッド Fire U  
032 Tomato Man ダークプリースト Fire C  
033 Kid Dragon プチドラゴン Fire C  
034 Du’Cate ドゥ・カテ Earth R Very Valuable
035 Boreal Hound グランシェ Earth U Valuable
036 Narcissos ケイブマン Earth U Valuable
037 Malboro モルボルボール Earth C  
038 Goblin ゴブリン Earth C  
039 Molebear モールベア Earth C  
040 Akravator メガロード Wind R Semi-Valuable
041 Iron Centaur デスペイン Wind R Very Valuable
042 Sky Dragon スカイドラゴン Wind U  
043 Punkster スパインドデビル Wind U  
044 Basilisk バジリスク Wind C  
045 Teedie ティディ Wind C  
046 Fullmetal Haggar フルメタルハガー Water U  
047 Gorgon Eye ゲイザー Water U  
048 Big Baby ラドーン Water U  
049 Lizardon ぱっくんトカゲ Water C  
050 Sahagin サハギン Water C  
051 Tonpole ぱっくんオタマ Water C  
052 Vadise ヴァディス Light R Very Valuable
053 Eye Spy アイスパイ Light U Semi-Valuable
054 Chocobo チョコボ Light H Semi-Valuable
055 Mad Mallard ダック Light C  
056 Jajara ジャジャラ Dark R Very Valuable
057 Deathbringer 不死皇帝 Dark R Semi-Valuable
058 Succubus カーミラ Dark U Semi-Valuable
059 Shadow Zero シャドウ ゼロ Dark U Semi-Valuable
060 Lord of Jewels 宝石王 999 Gold R Valuable
061 Jewel Beast ジュエルビースト Gold R Semi-Valuable
062 Springball バネクジャコ Gold U Semi-Valuable
063 Polter Box オーガボックス Gold U Valuable
064 Labanne ラ・パン Wood R Semi-Valuable
065 Kima キーマ Wood R Semi-Valuable
066 Chobin Hood ポロン Wood C  
067 Lullabud バドフラワー Wood C  


Card #   Card Name Card Name (Japanese) Element Rarity Valuable
068 Useless Putty 役立たずのプッツィ Fire R Valuable
069 Professor Kathinja’s Rage カシンジャ先生大激怒 Fire U  
070 Golem Craftsman Bomb ゴーレム職人ボンボヤジ Fire C  
071 Magnolia’s Fire Stone マグノリアの火石 Fire U  
072 Professor Mephianse’s Dangerous Experiment メフィヤーンス先生の危ない実験 Fire R Semi-Valuable
073 Junkyard Louie ゴミ山のルーイ Fire U  
074 Rosiotti’s Teaching ロシオッティの教え Earth R Very Valuable
075 Lilipea’s Illusion 幻の豆一族 Earth H Valuable
076 Stubborn Craftsman Watts 頑固職人ワッツ Earth C  
077 Meimei’s Fruit Divination メイメイの果物占い Earth C  
078 Gaeus’s Pulse ガイアの鼓動 Earth R Semi-Valuable
079 Master Excavator Dudbear 穴掘り名人アナグマ族 Earth C  
080 Duelle’s Battle Arena ドゥエルのバトルアリーナ Wind U  
081 Master of Mantras Pokiehl 真言の使い手ポキール Wind R Semi-Valuable
082 Capella’s Trick Revealed カペラのタネあかし Wind C  
083 King of the Winds Selva 風の王セルヴァ Wind R Valuable
084 Inspector Boyd’s Investigation ボイド警部の取り調べ Wind C  
085 Windcaller’s Anger 風読み士の怒り Wind C  
086 Crystalle’s Freezing Sigh グラシエールの凍てつく吐息 Water U  
087 Sage Tote’s Mediation 賢人トートの仲裁 Water R Valuable
088 Flameshe’s Singing フラメシュの歌声 Water U  
089 The Manager’s Dandyism マスターのダンディズム Water U  
090 Precocious Basket Fish おませなザル魚君 Water U Semi-Valuable
091 Pirate Penguin Raid 海賊ペンギン襲来 Water C  
092 Diana’s Slumber ディアナの眠り Light R Semi-Valuable
093 Florina’s Teardrop Crystal 蛍姫の涙石 Light R Semi-Valuable
094 Miss Yuka’s Retort ユカちゃんのツッコミ Light C  
095 Nouvelle’s Prayer ヌヴェルの祈り Light U Semi-Valuable
096 Olbohn’s Judgment オールボンの審判 Dark R Valuable
097 Professor Thesenis’s Unexpected Appearance 神出鬼没のテセニーゼ先生 Dark U Semi-Valuable
098 Belle’s Selfish Nightmare わがまま夢魔のベル Dark R  
099 Shadole’s Invitation to Death シャドール死への誘い Dark U Semi-Valuable
100 Teapo’s Afternoon Tea ティーポのアフタヌーンティー Gold C  
101 Alex’s Jewelry Appraisal アレックスの宝石鑑定 Gold C  
102 Summoner Nunuzac 召喚士のヌヌザック Gold U Valuable
103 Kristie’s Auction Time クリスティーのオークションタイム Gold U Valuable
104 Lil’ Cactus Diary サボテン君日記 Wood C  
105 Sproutling’s Returning Place 草人の帰る場所 Wood C  
106 Boink ぶにゅ Wood U Semi-Valuable
107 Trent’s Fruiting Time トレントの果実頃 Wood H Semi-Valuable


Card #   Card Name Card Name (Japanese) Synchro Rarity Valuable
108 Hero 主人公(男) H  
109 Heroine 主人公(女) H Valuable
110 Niccolo ニキータ C  
111 Escad エスカデ U Semi-Valuable
112 Daena ダナエ C  
113 Larc ラルク U Semi-Valuable
114 Sierra シエラ U Semi-Valuable
115 Princess Pearl 真珠姫 C  
116 Lady Blackpearl レディパール H Very Valuable
117 Elazul 瑠璃 H Very Valuable
118 Elle エレ H Very Valuable
119 Bud バド U Semi-Valuable
120 Lisa コロナ U Semi-Valuable
121 Matilda マチルダ R Valuable
122 Sandra サンドラ H Valuable
123 Rabite ラビ C  
124 Gilbert ギルバード U  
125 Rubens ルーベンス R Very Valuable
126 Roger コンゴ R Valuable
127 Cap’n Tusk バーンズ R Valuable
128 Skippie ヘイソン U  
129 Hamson ハッソン U  
130 Machine Golem Mark 1 魔兵1号 C  
131 Machine Golem Mark 44 魔兵44号 R Very Valuable


Card #   Card Name Card Name (Japanese) Element Rarity Valuable
132 Laurent Knife ミスリルダガー C  
133 Orichalcum Sword オリハルコンソード U  
134 Jacobini Axe ジャコビニハチェット C  
135 Scale 2H Sword ドラゴンブレード R Semi-Valuable
136 Vinek 2H Axe ビネックアクス U  
137 Bone Hammer ボーンハンマー C  
138 Fullmetal Spear フルメタルランス R Very Valuable
139 Ishe Staff プラチナロッド U Semi-Valuable
140 Swifte Gloves スウィフトグラブ R Semi-Valuable
141 Wendel Flail シルバーヌンチャク C  
142 Obsidian Bow オブシダンボウ C  
143 Wyvern Flute ドラゴンフルート Fire U Valuable
144 Beiser Harp バイゼルハープ Light R Very Valuable
145 Ivory Flute アイボリーフルート Earth U Semi-Valuable
146 Dior Harp ディオールハープ Dark R Semi-Valuable
147 Lizard Marimba リザードマリンバ Wind U Semi-Valuable
148 Beiser Drum バイゼルドラム Wood R Valuable
149 Teardrop Marimba ティアマリンバ Water U Semi-Valuable
150 Stone Drum フォシルドラム Gold R Semi-Valuable

Other Collectibles

    Name Name (Japanese) Details Valuable
  Turn Composition Diagram (card) ターン構成図 no backing Unknown
  Booster Pack ブースターパック 10 cards Valuable
  Starter Deck スターターパック 60 cards Semi-Valuable
  Rule Book ルールブック In decks Semi-Valuable
  Booster Box ブースターセット 15 packs Very Valuable
  Starter Deck Box スターターパックセット 12 decks Very Valuable