Legend of Mana Card Duel - Booster Packs

聖剣伝説 レジェンド オブ マナ カードデュエル ブースター
Less detail than you could realistically hope to know about Legend of Mana Card Duel booster packs.

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Cards Only Available in Boosters

Booster Pack Details

As a collectible card game, it should be of no surprise that Legend of Mana Card Duel has booster packs. Only one design of packs exists, so all booster packs will look like the image below. A booster pack would run you 333円 (~$3 in 1999) but were listed at 350円 MSRP including tax. Each booster pack comes with 10 cards you can use to improve your deck for this trading card game. How many cards of each rarity? I honestly do not know. I own plenty of these, even a booster pack box, but I have never opened one. Maybe someday I will.

The booster boxes came with 15 booster packs inside and were wrapped in plastic wrap. The booster boxes could be folded into a display.

Booster Pack Images

Booster Pack Front

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Booster Box Images

Booster Box Top

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Cards Only Available in Boosters

There are 15 cards that I believe do not appear in Starter Decks. These cards would have to be obtained by opening booster packs instead. The September 1999 issue of Game Gather (A Japanese trading card magazine) confirms that some cards only appear in boosters, however, I am not completely sure exactly which cards. In the table below I divided these cards into two different types:
Appears unlikely – I have my doubts these cards appear in starter decks due to the number of decks opened without seeing them, as well as the number in my collection being similar to the next category of cards.
Card order skips – These cards are ruled out of appearing as the starter deck card order completely skips past them.

Information Symbol Count Cards
Appears unlikely 4
Card order skips 11
Please contact me if you have ever obtained one of these cards from a starter deck.