Legend of Mana Card Duel - Booster Packs

聖剣伝説 レジェンド オブ マナ カードデュエル ブースター
Less detail than you could realistically hope to know about Legend of Mana Card Duel booster packs.

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Booster Pack Details

As a collectible card game, it should be of no surprise that Legend of Mana Card Duel has booster packs. Only one design of packs exists, so all booster packs will look like the image below. Each booster pack comes with 10 cards you can use to improve your deck for this trading card game. How many cards of each rarity? I honestly do not know. I own plenty of these, even a booster pack box, but I have never opened one. Maybe someday I will.

The booster pack boxes come with 15 booster packs inside.

From left to right: front, back fold one, and back fold two of a booster pack.
Top of a booster box. The bottom is simply plain white.
Left side and front of a booster pack box. The front is slightly blurred due to plastic wrap.
Right side and back of a booster pack box.