Chocobo Heaven

This is a great place to go for information about upcoming Square-Enix news! They also have lots of information on Final Fantasy games.

Chrono Compendium

A great site with tons of information on everything you could possible want to know about the Chrono Trigger series.

Final Fantasy

This site is arguably the place to be for Final Fantasy XIII media and news. Lots of original content and collaborations between various fans happens here. The site also has a very active community.

Final Fantasy Union

This website is full of information about the Final Fantasy games.

Legendra RPG

This French site has information on nearly every RPG you can imagine. Even if you can’t read French you can enjoy all of the images and videos.

Secret of Mana: Redux

Secret of Mana: Redux is a site re-launched in 2021, and covers analysis, translation issues, and other reminisces surrounding Secret of Mana. Throughout the site, you’ll find Localization Notes that explain nuances of the Japanese source, as well as screenshots from Japanese guides and promotional magazines that have seldom been seen until now. A complete retranslation of the Japanese script was carried out just for this project, and it appears throughout the site.

RPG RPG Revolution

This site has lots of resources for game development and specializes in Game Maker, RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker XP, RPG Toolkit and Verge.

Seiken Densetsu Club on Deviant Art

Check out this Deviant Art club for all sorts of awesome fanart. If you’re a member of Deviant Art you should join here and add to their awesome fanart gallery.

Square Anthology

For up-to-date information about what Square-Enix is up to head to this site.

SquareSound/Square Enix Music Online

A very comprehensive and in-depth site covering everything relating to the musical side of Square-Enix’s games, including biographies of the composers and album reviews.

Square Palace

A French website dedicated to coverage of classic Square and Enix games.


A video games press site which indexes news, reviews, cheats, and videos from other sites.


World of Mana

This is the official Square-Enix site for Seiken Densetsu games. It is in Japanese.

Legend of Mana . Info

Craig Erskine runs this Legend of Mana website which is affiliated with Seikens.

Fantasy Anime

This is an awesome site with lots of info on tons of anime and games. The owner is the source of many of the images in our gallery. The site has some very nice pages devoted to FFA/SwoM, SoM and SD3.

Fantasy Anime – FFA and SwoM page

Fantasy Anime – SoM Page

Fantasy Anime – SD3 Page


Secret of Mana Journal

RRFish from the Seikens boards uses this Secret of Mana blog to outline the story from Randi’s point of view.

Showa SwoM

This website has plenty of Sword of Mana information.


Everything there is about SquareEnix can be found in this very site

The Almighty Guru

The Almighty Guru is a neat place where you can find tons of fun information on games and more.

The owner of this site, Ailise, helped us get our shoutbox.

Flying Omelette

This site has contributed greatly to our Secret of Mana Glitches page, and has a wealth of information and facts on video games in general. Highly recommended.

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