Seiken Densetsu Mana Remixes

Here you can find many Seiken Densetsu series remixes that we have found on the internet. If you would like to submit music for this section please e-mail it to us if you are the creator or you have gotten permission from the artist.

OverClocked Remixes

Many of our remixes have come from this great site! Check it out to find many more videogame remixes. Thanks to djpretzel for letting us host the music here!

Final Fantasy Adventure and Sword of Mana Remixes

A Dream is Not a Mission – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Mana’s Mission

Sheexy says: This is a very different remix than you are probably expecting. The hip-hop elements mixed in with the piano and strings make this a really unique experience. This song has always had a strong feel to it, and when mixed with Civil Rights statements from Malcom X it just feels even more powerful.

Amanda’s Tear – Big Giant Circles

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: In Sorrow

Sheexy says: A track that definitely needed remixing, and is one of the more powerful of themes in the game. This piece is well orchestrated electronica which conveys the feeling of the original work excellently. Some of the composition reminds me of themes from Seiken Densetsu 3, but using the sort of sound quality true of Legend or Heroes. The late introduction of a simple yet evocative guitar solo breaks the piece up nicely before a final reprise of the underlying chords. -KMK

Begin the End of the Beginning – Big Giant Circles

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Fight 2, Mana’s Mission

Sheexy says: The way this song weaves in and out of “Mana’s Mission” and “Fight 2” is really fun. The whole song has a really impressive feel to it, like it is telling a really great story. The contrast of the two songs is really interesting, and they work really well together to get an impressive effect across.

Breath of Dissonance – norg & Ryan8bit

Tracks remixed: Requiem, Glance Dukedom, Dungeon 1, Fight 1

Sheexy says: Starting off with a piano and acoustic rendition of Requiem, the song quickly evolves into a full rock ballad to the death of Willy. The intermixing of the leads just after 1:00 together with the powerful rhythm give a truly powerful feel to the track, before moving on to the menacing tones of Glance Dukedom. The tempo then rises to take us through our paces with Dungeon 1 and Fight 1, now introducing an electronic counterpoint to the lead, giving the guitar some freedom to improvise round the theme, finally leading us to a short acoustic reprise of Requiem, and the final harmonics that bring this track to a close. Get this on your playlist now, and keep an eye out for a remaster that Ryan and Norg are currently working on! -KMK

Chivalry Begins – Big Giant Circles

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Rising Sun

Kassidy says: Big Giant Circles is back with another FFA remix, this time the opening track Rising Sun, and with the added twist of putting lyrics to the song. While the lyrics are a tad cheesy, they aren’t overly so, and remain true to an overall image of the relation between the characters in the game, without too overtly limiting itself to be exclusively about the game (so you could take this as a stand-alone and it would still work well). A nice solid slow rock ballad, or sorts, and while there’s auto-tune in there, it doesn’t detract from being a good take on the original.

Chocobo! – Big Giant Circles

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Birth of Chocobo, Theme of Chocobo

Sheexy says: Hahaha, Chocobo! This remix takes two songs that almost no one would think to remix and does wonders with them. It reminds me a lot of the “Friends” track on the Final Fantasy Adventure orchestrated “Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge” album. The drums and bass added to this song make it really fun. If you want a song to make you feel like getting something done listen to this!

Gifts of Mana – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Rising Sun

Sheexy says: This is a very different take on “Rising Sun”. The song is much slower and relaxed compared to the original. The whole song feels like it could put you into a trance the way everything is drawn out. Definitely a good song to sit back and relax with.

Notes on a Revelation in a Public Place – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Seeking the Holy Sword

Sheexy says: Now this is an interesting piece. It starts out not sounding very similar to the original; instead of being upbeat this is very relaxed and calm sounding. The sudden break to noises from a “Public Place” reminds me of Hiroki Kikuta’s “Secret of Mana Plus” album. Overall this is a very interesting piece, it is great for when you want to sit back and just watch life pass by.

Willed Assault – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Endless Battlefield

Sheexy says: If Final Fantasy Adventure took place in a crazy future with laser swords and stuff, this would be the Endless Battlefield the game would feature. This song is super upbeat and makes you want to move around. The song takes a familiar tune and mixes it around, I don’t think this track could ever get stale.

Wish Upon a Wendellian Star – Big Giant Circles

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Royal Palace

Sheexy says: Heheh, the title to this one always gets me. The “Royal Palace” music used inside Wendel definitely sounds reminescent of that of “When You Wish Upon a Star”. Big Giant Circles does a great job of taking the royal feeling the original music gives off and making it sound fresh. The old timey sounds at the begining really work to make the song feel like it is from some time long past.

Secret of Mana Remixes

Summaries brought to you by Kassidy

Aphrodite Oceanus – The Wingless

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: A Prayer and a Whisper

The song starts out with a soothing and simple piano part and is built on slowly with some soft string ensembles, counter point electric piano and light electronica drums. This remains one of my favourite and most memorable pieces, since I first heard it on OCR Radio back in 2002. It really does build on the solid base established by the original sound track and take it to a whole new level. Not to be missed.

New TrackAurora Australis – Rozovian

An Overclocked Christmas. Tracks remixed: Eight Ringing Bells

This remix was part of An Overclocked Christmas 2010. Starting off with a very cinematic feel, this song breaks down into a rather nifty haunting groove, with a touch of jazz. It manages to convey a nice sense of urgency throughout, which at the same time being chilled. The remix does a very good job of bringing that winter feel between instrumentation and effects, and offers a good deal of variation to keep it interesting and bringing new properties to the original melody.

Beyond Comprehension – McNoods

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Leave Time for Love

Using some rather basic instrumentation, some overdriven percussion, and an almost erratic beat, this nice piece of electronica puts a whole new spin on the original track. While traces of it show through from time to time, the song moves away from the main melody quite often and stretches out through the expanse of the chord progression. The track feels somewhat empty at times, and the main pickup happens near the end after 3:30.

Cry from the Forest – Kassie! and Mustin

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: A Wish…, Spirit of the Night

Memories of the Ice Country come flooding back as this piece starts with a lone emotional piano, and then fills out with a second piano and builds up to a full string quartet to take us to the moment of revelation at the foot of the Mana Tree, before once more soothing us with a touch of winter as the instruments slowly leave the stage.

Dark Star Scherzo – Jormungand

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Star of Darkness

A dynamic, classical rendition of Star of Darkness with bucket loads of emotion piled on top that explores all different aspects of the piece it covers, from the playfulness of riding upon a dragon to the firm realization that destiny awaits. Technically exquisite, unless you were told otherwise you would swear it was a live performance. This track cannot wait to permanently make its way into your playlist.

Desert Snowstorm – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Eight Ringing Bells, Secret of the Arid Sands

Ziwtra swiftly changes the pace from a momentary calm melody to a full blown breaking groove that takes full advantage of your stereo’s panning capabilities, making you feel like the beat is bouncing off walls of ice all around you. Before you realize it, you’ve been transported to the arid sands of Kakkara, and yet they don’t feel like separate songs at all, in spite the change of instrumentation and pace, they flow into eachother masterfully, ending with ethnic beats and panpipes that evoke the scents of the touareg campfires on the dunes.

Dirge for the Frosty Plains – mp

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: A Wish

This remix stays true to the feeling of the original piece, but aiming for a softer instrumental arrangement, and adding some very light brushed percussion. Then when least expected we’re reminded of the dangers of the wild by the haunting presence of beasts howling in the distance, and the late introduction of an eerie synth pad that leads us to a sudden silence filled with anticipation.

Distorted Star – Gray Lightning and SnappleMan

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Star of Darkness

This piece depicts the combination of industrial technology and power that is the Mana Fortress by fusing clear and pounding computer generated rhythms and effects with dueling overdrive electric guitars backed by some epic string sections, that build on top of each other until a final climax at the end of the song that rapidly fades away. Rocking.

Dragon Song – Harmony

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Prophecy, Secret of the Arid Sands

Lyrics are always a difficult thing when it comes to videogame music, but this song does a moderately good job in handling them, in particular thanks to the remixers excellent voice, which fits perfectly the instrumental ambiance of the song that invites the listener to gaze out on the open horizons and immerse in “the atmosphere this remix oozes out its sides”. Combining acoustic guitar and percussions with some light electronic instruments flawlessly, this “one of those tunes you’ll hear repeating in your head for days”. (Thanks to manaman for his quoted input on this song.)

Drifting Towards the Stars – Graylightning

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Star of Darkness

As the title implies, this song does take us drifting slowly and consistently to the stars. Moving from the feel of a lullaby through to a celestial plaground among the stars, you almost feel the song will go on forever as gentle wave after wave of subtle variations flow past you, without tidal peaks or dips in sight. There is a draining quality about it sustaining the expectation for so long, but at the same time it is consistently rewarding.

Dueling Consoles – Shnabubula

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Danger

There can never be enough remixes of Danger. Taking the concept of Dueling Banjos to a new level, we hear an 8-bit rendition of this song by both an NES and a Genesis, each trying to out-do the other, and then coming together to stretch the capabilities of chiptunes further and further as we advance in what can only be called a retrogaming masterpiece, that truly does Kikuta’s multifaceted composition the justice it deserves.

Dyluck Come Home – JAXX

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Fond Memories

A rather short rendition to that moment we reflect on Dyluck still being alive that at first doesn’t stray far from the original piece, but then breaks into a triumphal variation on the theme that is sadly not long lived, brought to a sudden halt just as the piece appears to be growing to its full. It’s a shame this piece isn’t longer.

Fear of the Flava – McVaffe

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear, Into the Thick of it

The start of this piece, with a traditional covering of Angel’s Fear, feels slightly awkward, but soon evolves into a solid dance evolution of the Pandora overworld theme that while keeping to the layout and underlying instrumentation of the original has added several layers of complementary instrumentation and beat, that leads back to the title theme with the beat trailing from the centre piece.

Grim Determination – RushJet1

RushJet1’s website. Tracks remixed: The Prayer of the Arctic Circle

Imagine if Secret of Mana had arrived a couple of years earlier on the NES, and you had to fight against an 8-bit Mana Beast looming over you. Well, this is what you’d have getting your heart pumping that adrenaline. Far from making a straight port of the theme though, RushJet1 has worked around the tune and mixed together different textures and variations, showing just how versatile one can be with Chiptunes.

Ice Crystal Fields Forever – Zeratul

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: A Wish…

A highly ambiental track that works in all the elements of winter, from the crunch of snow underfoot, to the reverberating chimes, pads and water effects of an underwater palace. Progressively developing toward a brighter instrumentally focused piece that ascends to a semi-abrupted, yet announced and conclusive end.

Long Journey – DanNthR (2001)

Dan’s Website. Tracks remixed: What the Forest Taught Me, Angel’s Fear, Star of Darkness, Prayer of the Arctic Circle, The Orphan of the Storm,

Back in 2001, Dan brought this remix to VGMix, and it always remained one of my favourites for its classy progression through several of the key themes in Secret of Mana, while varying the theme accordingly; the playfulness of Upperland, the mystic title screen that captivated us all, the sorrowful darkness of the Tree Palace, the urgency of battling the Mana Beast, and the heroic fanfare of victory. All the elements are there. Expect more from Dan in the future!

Night Time Evolution – Harmony

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Spirit of the Night

An underlying acoustic guitars makes way for a funky beat and modern oriental feeling lead, but without loosing presence fully. The surprise is the late inclusion of a bass track which until then had been supplemented by several complementary arpeggios. The focus returns to the guitar and a simple string and bell accompaniment that brings Mike Oldfield to mind.

On the Day the World Changed – Christian Pacaud, ktriton and MAG

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear, Danger, Into the Thick of it, Meridian Dance, The Holy Intruder

From beginning to end this piece explores just how many ways you can throw Kikuta’s through a hard rocking guitar, adopting styles that go from a simple solo melody, through a heavy riff and straight out into a shred-tastic improvisation of Danger, only to top off the near impeccable mixture with an emotive and sexy weeping of Angel’s Fear. All this accompanied by top-notch percussion, pianos and classy use of synths. You will fall in love with this track.

Pure Lands (Total Darkness) – Children of the Monkey Machine

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Pure Night

Evoking every ounce of fear and respect that the Pure Land deserves, this remix slows down the tempo of this piece even further than the original, and paints with a dark palette a picture of gloom. It only gets darker as it progresses, bringing in a semi-industrial drum section that at one point is left to its own devices and manages to in itself make this already haunting track even more so. Don’t turn the lights out.

Return to Elysian Lands – Nigel Simmons

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear

If Secret of Mana were made into a film, and Kikuta had the London Symphony Orchestra at his disposal, this is what you would hear in the final score. Majestically plucking at the strings of the very heard of Mana, it soars and swoops gracefully in and out of an emotional roller-coaster that will find you reliving each moment of the game as you listen.

Sea/Sky – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Into the Thick of It, The Legend

Although it refers to Sea and Sky, this remix feels very “spacey”, upbeat and ethereally electronic. A lot of reverb and layering going on here, it’s an interesting one to listen to, while maybe a tad overpowering in its spacial nature. The guitar coming in to the mix and the funky bass make for a good counterpoint. Very much worth checking out.

Secret of the Spram – JAXX, Kassie! and Mustin

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Eight Ringing Bells

When he stole the Fire Seed, Santa did not expect to be burst in on by Shaft. You can just feel the funk of Daddy Cool drip from this remix like an ice-cream melting on a summer afternoon. If ever there was a remix that explores just how far you can deviate from the original track, this is it. What you waitin’ for, foo?

Smooth Mana – Gux

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear

Sit back and sip the mocha as you relax to the jazzy lounge atmosphere this little ditty evokes. While nothing can really sub a real sax, the composition as a whole does a nice job of putting the angel’s fear to rest with some truly smooth vibes. Nice…

Step Off My Flower Bed – Nase

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Calm Before the Storm, Danger

Initially starting off in the style of chiptune, and reminding me of Duelling Consoles, it quick switches into a very funky arrangement, slap-bass and the whole jazzy nine-yards, before descending into a mix between a very stylish orchestral score and 80’s rock organ. Definitely exploring the space in this arrangement. It even has steel drums and panpipes. It has just about everything you can throw at it. Listen closely and one of the percussion hits could well be a kitchen sink!

Stomp the Summer Sky – Ziwtra

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Color of the Summer Sky

You’re surrounded by villagers of limited vocabulary, you need something that’ll keep your spirits up. This song does the job nicely, taking the palette of the summer sky and adding some new layers of upbeat happiness to the already bouncey framework Kikuta lay before us back in the day. Stays solid throughout with several different and individually personalised variations on the theme that hold together as a whole nicely through a unified bridge.

Thicket – Darkesword

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear, Into the Thick of it

Starting with a warm mellow rendition of Angel’s, it moves seamlessly into the ever-famous overworld theme, and gently introduces more and more elements of beat and freestyle, while maintaining a wonderful ethereal feel overall, and playing on the underlying melody to add a personal characteristic touch that Darkesword has such dexterity in pulling off. Toward the end, we move back into a freestyle Angel’s Fear that leads to a perfectly melodic end.

Things We Didn’t Know – Vampire Hunter Dan

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Danger, Fear of the Heavens, Into the Thick of It, What the Forest Taught Me

A beautiful orchestral/choiral start to this piece, hitting two great themes very quickly, and taking on a very well executed dark tone. The remix does a tasteful job of travelling through the various emotions that rise in the game; a certain sense of urgency and darkness, while maintaining moments of calm recollection, and bravely facing up to the challenge. I feel at the end of it as if the definitive end shouldn’t happen, and I want this one to keep on going. Excellently pulled off to perfection.

Tidal Sequence – djpretzel

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear

If Radiohead tried to play Angel’s Fear, chances are it would sound like this. Exploring the use of several stringed instruments, which then support an almost leading string ensemble that then gives way to intervals of nicely adorned piano melody, and a more filled out orchestral reprise toward the last half of the piece.

Time in the Clouds DX – Kailem

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: What the Forest Taught Me

The theme from Upperland is often a “coming of age” song for remixers, and this rendition does a nice solid job of working the piece. With a nice lead in, some key peaks, and a slow retreat, as well as some changes in pace throughout while keeping to an almost electronic nod to an orchestral arrangement mixed with some ethnic percussion, you should give this one a chance to grow on you.

Wandering the Wild Forest – Thumper

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Into the Thick of it

Another one of the first remixes I heard to emerge from this game, it sticks mainly to a long repetition of the main arpeggio on piano, while overlaying a simple beat and bass line, with additional leads from a clean electric guitar and a synthesised panpipe/flute (this instrument not quite to my liking), finally topping it off with a short improvised solo. I feel this could have explored further, but still stands the test.

Whispering Prayers – Visions of the Future

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Phantom and a Rose

Sounding very much inspired by Kikuta’s Secret of Mana+, the piece starts with natural sounds and a somewhat overpowering yet simple beat. Gradually instruments are introduced to take over the main melody that doesn’t differ much from the original. The piece is short lived, sadly. The contrast between soothing natural sounds and the strong instrumentation may not be to everyone’s taste.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Remixes

Angels on the Shore – Ailsean

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear

Sheexy says: This song starts out feeling like just a nicer piano version of “Angel’s Fear”, but then things start to change. The piano starts being echoed by bells (maybe not, I’m not too keen on instrument knowledge) and then a chorus before it hits the middle of the song and takes off with a really hopeful feeling. Then it is a smooth ride back to the basics at the end, working to make a nice balanced song.

At First Innocence – zyko

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Innocent Sea

Sheexy says: The way this song starts out has a very unorganized feel, but it goes to give the song a very authentic feeling. As the song develops and different instruments and effects are added it gives the illusion of a large group of people playing the song in a very mystical setting. The guitars are just beautiful in this song. Overall this is a very original take at the song and is very enjoyable.

New TrackAurora Borealis – Rozovian

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Another Winter

Kassidy says: A very mellow start to a song that remains very true to the original, while adding some depth to it, and then breaking out with a more upbeat drum track. Some nice slow, quieter moments in the middle with a nice pseudo-theremin-chip sound added into the mix. Overall enjoyable and relaxing.

Electrion (Guitar Mix) – FIDGAF, The Orichalon

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Swivel

Sheexy says: Talk about a really different take on a song! This remix takes Swivel from a fast paced happy sounding song into a low and menacing sounding piece. That does not mean the song is bad by any means! The electric guitar and bells rock together in this song. This is definitely something you could brood to or rock with, I like it.

Hostile but Cuddly – Cloud

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Powell

Sheexy says: This has always been one of my favorite remixes. At first it seems like it is just a normal take on the music… but then come the drums and electric guitar… and then the main part to the song goes nuts! Unfortunately the most awesome part of the song is soon ended by a very slow take on it… I would have liked to see more of the rocking and less of the chilling. This is definitely still a great remix though.

Lisolation – ReactorZer0

Tracks remixed: Female Turbulence

Sheexy says: An already powerful track in its own right, ReactorZero puts a new spin on from the start opening up with a very oriental sound that carries a rather haunting note through a short piano section, before opening out into a trumpet piece that evokes more memories of the original. As if that wasn’t enough though, we are then treated to a rather heavy ending of distorted guitar and percussion, lead by a rather interesing synth reprising the trumpets. It’s a shame that the remix isn’t longer, and leaves you wishing it continued so you could continue enjoying it for another while, but you could always play it again, it’s worth it. -KMK

Memories of the Sea – Joe Bommarito

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Innocent Sea

Sheexy says: Joe Bommarito, now that is an awesome name. Bommarito. Anyways, this remix of “Innocent Sea” stays more true to the original. It gives off a real feeling of longing or looking for something. This is a very nice calm song to sit back and relax to, maybe think about things long past. This is a really beautiful piece.

Not so Ordinary People – Jeremy Robson

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Can You Fly Sister?, Ordinary People

Sheexy says: This remix starts out with a very fanciful and somewhat grand sounding take on these two songs, mixing them together in and out while covering many different moods. The whole thing makes me think there should be a story told along with this, kind of like something you would find in “Fantasia”. It is an interesting piece, but not exactly my type of music.

Obsession Nocturnal – Sixto Sounds

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Obsession

Sheexy says: This track starts with an interesting Middle Eastern sounding flute take on the main part of Obsession, but then breaks into guitars totally tearing at the track. It sounds really hardcore but still manages to catch the cooldown of the song nicely when it transfers into piano. Finally at the end of the song it goes back to the flute and slowly goes away.

Path-ology – Overcoat

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Few Paths Forbidden

Sheexy says: This is a very mellow sounding piece. The drawn out sounding violin this remix has got going sounds really cool, it makes the whole thing sound immense. The drums and the bass work to make it all flow smoothly, this is just a great song to sit and chill to, or maybe explore a cave.

New TrackStarlight Festival – Kiamet

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Powell

Kassidy says: Instantly recognisable as Powell, this is a beautiful piano rendition that brings across a sense of urgency through its Latin influence in style. The playing is very precise and includes some very nice harmonies and added textures on top of the original melody. The sound quality is exceptional.

This Heart – Destiny

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Delicate Affection

Sheexy says: Hey, I think I know this artist… why if it isn’t Destiny from the Seikens forums! The remix takes a little while to get into the real song, but then you catch onto something familiar sounding. Different instruments toy with the main theme throuought the song making it feel really dynamic. This is a very beautiful remix that is super full of emotion.

Within the Fable – Destiny

OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Fable

Sheexy says: This remix gives a new feeling to a really sad sounding track. The sadness is replaced by a real feeling of determination that keeps the song moving along. Near the end it breaks into a really hopeful sounding bit and then slowly works its way into silence. Overall a really beautiful piece, but unfortunately it is over way too soon.

Legend of Mana Remixes

Summaries brought to you by Kassidy

Nocturnal Wishes – RushJet1

RushJet1’s website. Tracks remixed: Nocturne

We kick off our Legend of Mana remixes with cranking down the bits to eight, and letting ourselves be swept away by a chiptune rendition of Shimomura’s track Nocturne. Chiptunes have always fascinated me, and this one is no exception. RushJet1 takes the simple piano piece, chips it, and adds whole new layers into the mix. If you’ve yet to explore the chiptune, this is a good piece to start off with and see just what you can do with some imagination.

Mixed Games Remixes

Summaries brought to you by Sheexy.

Electric Fields – Khalal, Nintendo Guru

OC Remix Page. Games: Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 Tracks remixed: Electric Talk, Into the Thick of It

Personally I feel this song takes a bit too long to get into itself, but once it gets to where it is going it breaks into a battle between Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 music. It is a really fun and highstrung song, you just have to wait through the slow build up at the beginning. If you like electric guitar battles this is pretty cool.