Sheexy is here to take you on a tour of the various Seiken Densetsu game releases, soundtracks, guides and collectibles that have been released over the years. In this section you will find summaries, images, and rarity information on each piece of merchandise so that you can decide what is worth your money.

Final Fantasy Adventure Merchandise

2 guidebooks, 1 piano book, 3 soundtracks, 3 games, 1 map

Adventures of Mana Merchandise

Coming soon.

Secret of Mana Merchandise (1993)

5 guidebooks, 4 magazines, 2 soundtracks, 5 games, 2 posters

Secret of Mana (2018)

Coming soon.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Merchandise (1995)

3 guidebooks, 1 art book, 1 book, 1 sticker sheet, 26 cards, 1 soundtrack, 2 games

Trials of Mana Merchandise (2020)

Coming soon.

Legend of Mana Merchandise (1999)

Coming soon.

Legend of Mana Remaster Merchandise (2021)

Coming soon.

Sword of Mana Merchandise

Coming soon.

Children of Mana Merchandise

2 guidebooks, 1 art book, 2 games, 5 DS covers, 1 poster, 1 Rabite cleaner, 1 Rabite towel

Dawn of Mana Merchandise

4 guidebooks, 1 art book, 2 soundtracks, 2 games, 1 memory card, 1 poster

Heroes of Mana Merchandise

3 guidebooks, 1 soundtrack, 2 games

World of Mana Merchandise

1 art book, 1 piano book, 2 Rabite plushies, 1 Rabite pillow, 1 Rabite cellphone jockey, 1 necklace, 1 Zippo, 2 posters

Other Merchandise

Coming soon.

Basic merchandise information


If you are looking to buy a guidebook you need to decide what you are actually looking for in one. If you are looking for a collectible guidebook it is much better to go for a Japanese guide because they always contain lots of nice pictures to look at which cannot be found in the English language guides. If you are looking for a guide to help you out with the game I would recommend just using this site, English game guides are usually not worth your time.


For comprehensive information on each soundtrack be sure to check out our soundtracks section. With the soundtracks you need to make sure you are getting the real deal and not a bootleg. The publishing information and catalog numbers can help you to learn if you are getting the real thing or a fake.


If you are just looking to play the games then all you really need is a cartridge or CD which are very easy to come by, but if you are looking into getting the game for collecting purposes be sure you get all the inserts that come with the game. For some strange reason the English versions of the games tend to come with the most goodies packed in with them.

Other Collectibles

Very few other collectables exist for the series and they all tend to be very rare, so if you see one you should be sure to jump on it.

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